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Our role and our focus

Lead public advisor on Early Childhood Care and Education. Our focus is on better outcomes for children.  
At the policy level we educate, advocate and lead change that is in the best interests of children.
The ChildForum Office of Pre-Primary Education is also a membership organisation for individuals and early childhood services in all parts of the sector. We support ECE services with information to assist them in the running of their early childhood service, and growing their quality for children. 
We identify issues and keep people up-to-date. We provide the biggest online knowledge base on early childcare and education theory, research, practice, and policy in NZ. 
Our people are experts on early childcare and education.


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  • New Report - "Is our publicly funded ECE good enough for children?"

    What did more than 4,000 teaching staff say about how things are for children in ECE services? Do teaching staff have time to get to know the children in their care? Are all teacher-led centres meeting regulations for adult-child ratios? And what's this about teaching staff in teacher-led centres being required to do the work of a professional cleaner when they are counted in the adult-child ratio? Is that safe for children?
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Early Childhood Education membership organisation

The ChildForum Office of Pre-Primary Education - the major membership organisation for early childhood education (ECE) and lead advisor on ECE in NZ.  Promoting better outcomes for children and supporting early childhood services to be high quality. 

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How do low staff wages and poor conditions impact on children’s happiness and wellbeing?

Should keeping fees low and affordability for families be at the cost of paying teachers a professional wage?

We have governments all over the world who talk about the value of early childhood care and education and that it is the beginning of this journey and lifelong learning. How can we move beyond this rhetoric and move to providing quality for children through quality teachers? But I'll reiterate the point that we've got to move beyond rhetoric. We've got to say we want quality. We need quality teachers. If we want quality teachers well then we have to pay a professional wage that shows RESPECT for early childhood as a PROFESSION.

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In 2016 a child under two years of age choked on the apple he was provided to eat for afternoon-tea at an early childhood centre. Raw apple is a well-known high-risk food for a child of his young age. The toddler now has a hypoxic brain injury and severe cerebral palsy – he is unable to talk, swallow normally, or move his body.

Incidents like this have occurred before in ECE and will likely occur again. What occurred was likely a serious breach in one or more clauses of the Education (Early Childhood Services) such as to take all reasonable steps to promote the good health and safety of children (Regulation 46, 1a). However, the Ministry of Education did not promptly nor properly investigate what happened.

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Tips and advice for keeping current staff and successfully recruiting new staff to your service?

Key message to pass on to other operators is to not expand or open more services unless you can be sure you've got staffing sorted first

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