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National Early Childhood Management Forum (May 2013)

The 4th Annual Early Childhood Management National Forum was held on Friday 17th May 2013 in Wellington.



Opening Address, on ECE as a Social Obligation (also talked about the Children's Action Plan)
     Hon. Paula Bennett, Minister for Social Development. 

Teacher Registration, Processes and Policies (including staff appraisals and rules around who can become registered and renew, etc.) 
     Jenny Thomas, NZTC Manager Registration 

Review of delegates’ questions and issues of interest
     Dr Sarah Alexander, ChildForum.

‘Who Wants to Win a Bottle of Wine’ Quiz – Test your knowledge of ECE legal requirements (Questions supplied by MyLaw Guide)

The Economy and its Impact
     Tony Alexander, BNZ Chief Economist

Budget 2013 overview and discussion of what is happening and why in regard to policy, funding, regulations, ELI system for data management, and so on
     Karl Le Quesne, ECE Group Manager, Ministry of Education head office

Wrap up and feedback  


Forum Proceedings

Copies of presentations and nswers to some of the main questions and concerns discussed at the Forum are available to ECE Service Members, click here.  

At this link ECE service members can view answers to the questions of:   

  • Why did Government make it a social obligation for parents to put their child in ECE?
  • What are the chances of parents being penalised if they cannot find an affordable ECE service or do not like the quality of what is available in their area? 
  • Does Government agree that making ECE compulsory for the children of beneficiaries and taking away 50% of the benefit payment if they don't attend is a punitive measure?
  • Tell us about changes in the teaching registration requirements for a Manager/Supervisor - i.e not being able to be signed off by an 'employee' but also needing someone who is a fully registered teacher and regularly available to observe the manager/supervisor 'teach' (either children or staff) to sign off the form.
  • Why is it so difficult for head teachers in community childcare centres to get appraisals, evidence and observations (when observations are not to be done by another teacher at the centre) but done by an outside person who knows what they are doing?    
  • What is happening in the review of the Home-based sector? 
  • What can we expect the new funding structure for ECE to be like? 
  • We are concerned about the 'over-supply' of centres ... can there be  liaison between local council and Ministry of Ed re demographics about new centres before any new ones are approved?  
  • What is the Ministry of Education going to do about over-saturation of centres and rolls not filling up at centres?
  • What support will be given to smaller centres to enable them to continue to operate in the face of competition from larger centres and chains? 
  • How has funding in the Budget reflected lower numbers in ECE as a result of lower birth rates in 2010 given our fixed operating costs remain the same? 
  • Will the frequent absence rule be changed to make it more flexible e.g. for children with special needs? 
  • Will the support hours maximum allowance of 3 hours and ceasing at the age of 5 for children with special needs be increased?
  • Are there any changes in the pipeline to increase budgets and support for teacher aids for children with special needs? 


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