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Symposium on Men who Teach Young Children

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Storypark and ChildForum warmly invite you to the forthcoming:

"Men Who Teach Young Children Policy Symposium" 

When: Monday 15th August 7.00pm – 9pm
Where: VUW Law Faculty Building (Room GBLT4) Lambton Quay (or access near the corner of Bunny St and Stout St), Wellington



People who think early childhood teaching could ever be a good job for a man are crazy – or are they?

Here in New Zealand, the proportion of female to male teachers has been around 98% for a long time. The care and education of young children is almost exclusively the domain of women. But right now, as Dr Sarah Alexander, will point out our NZ early childhood teaching workforce stands upon the precipice of change. With reference to research over the past 20 years she will explain that the barriers to male participation have weakened and recent national survey results show majority support in the early childhood sector for gender equality. While this development is positive, political support and effective policy is vital if we want NZ to be a place where men’s contributions to early childhood education are valued and it is considered normal to see men in the work setting.

Dr David Brody will discuss in more depth the contributions men make and why men choose to teach young children. He observed and interviewed men in the field from six different countries. His research explored both the hardships and the successes of men in the profession and how they construct their gender identity within a work setting that society views as female territory. David claims that understanding these narratives is crucial to creating new strategies to attract and retain men in the early childhood workforce.


The Speakers 

David Brody


Dr David Brody has worked in the field of early childhood education for the past 45 years. He serves as the chair of the Early Childhood Education Department at the Efrata College of Education in Jerusalem, where he founded and manages a cluster of eight laboratory kindergartens. You can read more about David’s research in his book “Men who teach young children: An international perspective” published by The Institute of Education Press, London in 2014 


Sarah A


Dr Sarah Alexander is chief executive of ChildForum. Among her many contributions to early childhood education, she is internationally recognised as an expert in the area of men in early childhood education and care. Following her ground-breaking Massey University research 20 years ago on male teacher experiences and the views of their female colleagues Sarah has advocated for men to be involved in childcare and early education and inspired local initiatives.


The Venue, travel and accommodation 

The symposium will be held at Old Government Buildings, Law Faculty, Lecture Theatre 4 (GBLT4).

pdfView and print a copy of the campus map

The venue is very close to the rail station.  Parking is free on the street in the evening (we are told that any cars parked in reserved spaces on university grounds will be clamped or towed).  If coming from the airport there are likely to be a range of taxis and shuttles to bring you straight to the venue. Or catch the airport to city bus.   

Some Accommodation Suggestions:

  • The Thorndon Hotel, 24 Hawkstone St. Phone (04) 473 2298
  • James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor 147 The Terrace. Phone 0800 27 53 37
  • Novotel Wellington, 133 – 137 The Terrace. Phone (04) 918-1900.
    Quest Atrium, 154 The Terrace. Phone (04) 931 1000.
  • Hotel Waterloo and Backpacker BBH, 1 Bunny Street, Phone (04) 473 8482.


Apply for an Event Ticket

There is no ticket charge - this is a free event.

You must have a ticket to attend the event.

Due to demand places will be prioritised and allocated in the following order:

  1. Members of ChildForum including teachers, service owners and managers (click here for subscription information)
  2. The three winners of Storypark's VIP competition
  3. Government officials and public policy analysts 
  4. Members of EC-Menz (male teachers are encouraged to join EC-Menz)
  5. Teacher education and recruitment specialists
  6. Anyone not mentioned above  

Click here to go to the event registration page and apply for a ticket.



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