The Men in Early Childhood Education Invitation Award

Men may not know that they are very welcomed to work in early childhood education unless we invite them to consider this as a job that they may like to do. 

A national survey of the early childhood sector showed strong support for more men to be involved in early childhood teaching and for initiatives to be implemented to help this to happen (click here to read more). The 2012 survey revealed that it was believed that better representation of men in teaching would be of benefit to children’s learning and social development, raise quality within the sector in various ways including improving staff dynamics by having a mixed gender team, and help Dads feel more comfortable staying with their child and participating in the ECE programme.

men in ECE invitation award

The Invitation Award comprises of:

• A grant of $400.00 to go toward the cost of study provided by a Sponsor.
• A 12-month personal membership with us.

Award applicants may be based anywhere in NZ but must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be male.
  • Be born in NZ or have full NZ residency.
  • Provide proof of acceptance by a NZ public tertiary education institution into an ECE diploma or degree programme leading to a qualification recognised by the Teaching Council for working as a certificated teacher in early childhood education.
  • Be about to commence teacher education study or enrolled in a teacher education programme for not more than 60 days from the date of course commencement.
  • Not have applied for or been granted any other scholarship or grant other than a student allowance to assist with the costs of teacher training.

Note that we reserve the right not to grant the Award to any applicant and in any year. We will not enter into discussions or provide explanations.

pdfClick here to download a copy of the application form


Successful applicants

Shaun Masterson, 2013
Kumeu based. Studying at UNITEC
Sponsored by UNITEC.

Jade Bolland 2013
Auckland based. Studying at UNITEC
Sponsored by the Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre

Robert Barlow 2013
Hamilton based. Studying at Wintec
Sponsored by the Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre. 

Simon Murphy, 2014
Nelson based.  Studying at the University of Canterbury)
Sponsored by Shine Montessori Educare Early Childhood Centre, Lower Hutt

Patrick Lockley, 2014
(Hamilton based. Full-time studying at Wintec)
Sponsored by Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua.

Joshua McKay, 2014
Blenheim based. Full-time study at the TTPOoA/NZ Childcare Assn
Sponsored by Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua.

Ben Goris, 2014
(Auckland based. Full-time study at UNITEC)
Sponsored by Educational Personnel

Matthew Lambert, 2015
(Auckland based. Full-time study for a B.Tch degree in ECE)
Sponsored by Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua. 

Josh Allen, 2018 
Wellington based, Full-time study for a B.Ed degree in ECE at the University of Victoria, Wellington
Sponsored by Ole Schoolhouse Early Childhood Centre, Rotorua.


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