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Health, Safety, Sleep, Nutrition, Illness, Nappies, etc

Best Ways to Protect Children's Skin, Eyes, and Health from the Harmful Effects of the Sun
Vaccination requirements and the basics of what you need to know and be aware of
Picky Eaters and managing children's eating habits
Nappies – The Options and what's best to use in early childhood services
Training Children to Settle Themselves to Sleep - Should We Support Controlled Crying?
Administering medicine including painkillers such as paracetamol
Sleep, Nap and Rest Times for Children (and staff rest breaks)
Tips for Enjoying Fireworks Safely and also for Helping Children Keep their Pets Safe
Understanding how Daylight Saving Affects Children and What Teachers and Parents Can Do
Supporting mums in expressing breastmilk and managing reactions of other parents
Supervision skills all teachers should have for child safety
Infant sleep practices and policies: Steps to reduce the risk of a baby dying at an ECE Service
“Earthquake… Quick, Turtle drop” - Reflections and Discussion about what is Best Practice
Guide to reducing the Risk of children Choking on Food
Can a child with HIV or AIDS be excluded from attending an early childhood service?
When a Child Has a Nose Bleed for No Apparent Reason
Helping children to eat healthily and get active - the Healthy Heart Award scheme
Cough and Cold Medicines for Young Children - Problems & Recommendations
Technology Warnings - 3D Movies/TVs, Eco-bulbs & Fluorescent Lighting, Mobile Phones
Head Lice and Nits - Prevention and Best Treatment
When Parents Insist on Unwell Children Attending

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