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NZ Early Childhood Research Conference, 2014 Proceedings


KEYNOTE:  “I feel guilty about leaving my child”: Parents' decision regarding paid work and care for the child.
Dr Wendy Boyd (Southern Cross University, NSW)
Wendy is an academic passionate about provision of quality early childhood education for all children. She lectures at Southern Cross University in early childhood education. After 25 years in the field Wendy completed her PhD in 2011, and has published in the areas of pre-service teachers, food in early childhood, play based learning and sustainability.  She is presenting the keynote address at our conference.   Click here to read a news story about Wendy's presentation

SYMPOSIUM :  Professionalisation of early childhood education. 
Professor Margaret Sims, Dr Rhonda Forrest and Lisa Sonter (University of New England, Australia)

  • Margaret will sharefindings on what ECE workers in Australia, NZ and Asia think about moves towards professionalisation; including the benefits, risks, the education discourse and potential alternatives.
  • Rhonda will present research on the understandings of leadership held by early childhood qualified professionals. 
  • Lisa’s research explored the lived experiences of teacher aides who work alongside 4-year trained teachers.

Chinese parents’ and early childhood teachers’ perceptions of gender in early childhood education settings.
Olivia Ng (University of Auckland).  
This study proposes that working with parents and children from other cultures provides an opportunity for teachers to grow their understanding of different cultural perceptions about gender, and this in turn will better inform teaching practices and relationships with children and parents.

The impact of parental involvement in 3-6 year-old children’s social adjustment in early childhood centres. 
Parisa S. Tadi (University of Canterbury).
Ph.D. research on parental involvement in Iranian centres and its impact on children’s social adjustment.  Research and teaching experiences in Australia will be related and implications discussed.

Play in preschool homeless and low-income children.  
Assoc Professor Eva Nwokah (Our Lady of the Lake University) and Stefanie Leafblad (University of Louisiana at Lafayette).
This study contributes to our knowledge about play in children who face major challenges in their lives.  It is also an example of how collaborations between universities and local agencies can benefit pre-schoolers, students and teachers.

Parental fees and affordability of early childhood education in New Zealand. 
Julia Arnold (Ministry of Education).
The area of ECE costs and affordability is of current policy and research interest, and information in this area has up to recently been light.  This paper explains what data is now available and presents some of the data collected by the Ministry of Education and other agencies from households and ECE providers.

Key trends in the ECE sector: participation, services and staffing.
Andrew Morrison (Ministry of Education).
Research and commentary hinges on good data.  This presentation will showcase data held by the Ministry, not only explaining what is there but also using it to show some key trends in ECE in New Zealand.

SYMPOSIUM:  How relationships are the mortar that gives meaning to the work that we do as educational researchers.
Susie Kung, Dr Bill Hagan, and Rita Huang (Manukau Institute of Technology) 

  • Susie will talk on why early childhood teachers are drawn to teaching.
  • Rita will discuss community building between ECE teachers and parents from a diverse culture.
  • Bill will conclude with how collaborative relationships can be nurtured with academic researchers and co-researchers/ participants in our community of practice in early year’s education.

Are Learning Stories for children and/or for teachers? An analysis of the ways teachers capture young children’s interests. 
Hannah Morley (Waiariki Institute of Technology).
This paper proposes a new perspective of Learning Stories for teachers, researchers and children.


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