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Buying or selling an ECE service? Or closing and looking to give away furniture and resources?
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Include things like: a clear statement of the issue or problem, why it is an issue, who or what is affected, what might be some solutions or possible next steps?
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Tell us about your experience. Where have you got to where you are today? Are things going well, or not so well? What's happened?
(you may have just a few lines to write or up to a page)
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Re: Forced to take my ECE qualification and experience overseas
by Childz Choice Preschool
3 months 1 week ago
If you have a job to offer (e.g. teacher, cook, researcher, educator, administrator) or if you are available for part-time, full-time, relieving or contract work let others know here.
28 Topics 4 Replies
by Ella
5 days 23 hours ago
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