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Limit Hours Children Spend in ECE

Our Position on Participation in ECE

Our position is that ECE should not be promoted to such an extent that it:

(a) puts at risk the ability of parents to have time to learn to parent well,  and
(b) does not respect the child-family relationship.

Title Created Date
A lesson on what happens when more hours of ECE are provided 17 July 2020
Major policy platform under both Labour and National led governments 09 April 2014
Giving Parents a financial choice to use or not to use ECE 18 December 2012
The Costs of Poverty for Children - Is the solution to have parents in (what can be low paid) jobs and children in care? 14 November 2012
The 'Family Partnership Model' in NZ - Implications for Policy and Funding 17 July 2012
Making Choices: Contradictions and Commonalities in the Valuing of Caring and Working by Government Policy and First Time Mothers 26 February 2012
A Stay-at-home Dad, Using Centre and Home-based Care 14 July 2011
A Social Commentator's Look at Child Poverty and ECE 14 July 2011
A Stay-at-home Mum's Experience 14 July 2011
What the Research Says about ECE Effects and the Influence of Parents/Families on Development and Educational Outcomes 12 July 2011
What is in the Best Interests and Rights of Children: A Mother's View 12 July 2011
Commissioner for Children's Inquiry into Children aged under-2 years in ECE/ Childcare 23 February 2011
The Impact of Maternal Employment on Child Wellbeing - What We Can Learn from UK and USA Research 01 October 2010
Who Cares for Baby? Women's Preferences: First Time Mothers and their Decisions About Infant/baby Care 02 July 2010
Motivations behind Government Increasing its Investment in ECE 01 June 2010
The UK's Millennium Cohort Longitudinal Study 16 May 2010

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