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Title Published Date
Teachers sue for injuries caused in working with children 09 May 2018
Workplace health and safety in Australian early childhood centres 09 May 2018
Council and big development don’t care if drop zone outside kindy is not available to parents and if parking policy means 22 children at a centre are left with only 1 qualified teacher 13 January 2018
Where I can say who I want to change my nappy 24 August 2017
Smacking is it helpful or harmful to children? Major new study findings released 13 July 2017
Why put a ban on unvaccinated children at childcare centres and early childhood education? 14 March 2017
Early Childhood Education in the year before starting school does not give disadvantaged children and working parents the boost advocates say it does 02 November 2016
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s presidential platforms on early childhood education 20 October 2016
Conflict between students and research supervisors - complaints 22 April 2016
Providers claiming for their own children now banned 03 January 2016
Ratios and Qualified Staff Requirements about to Change in the UK along with Allowing Schools to Accept Children From Age 2 02 February 2013
Parents Have to Scan Fingerprints So State Can Track their Child's Daily ECE Participation and Fund Only the Hours of Actual Attendance 29 November 2012
Qualified Staff Improve Children's Learning, Report Says 29 November 2012
Early Years Sector in The UK Showing How It Can Fight Language and Literacy Decline 29 November 2012
New Guidance Recommendations Covering Home Visits, Early Education and Childcare for Vulnerable Children 13 November 2012
School Readiness Network Brings Together School and ECE Teachers 13 November 2012
With the Cost of Childcare - Paid Work is Becoming an Activity Many Middle-Income Families Can No Longer Afford 13 November 2012
Should We Start Impersonating Singapore for Early Childhood Education? ECE in Singapore and Government Plans 13 November 2012
Parent Fees to be Capped at $10-a-day for Full-Time Childcare and Public School System to Provide Childcare Services For Any Child Under the Age of 5 to Attend on a Voluntary Basis 01 November 2012
New Framework for Helping ECE Centres Evaluate & Support the Professional Development Needs of Staff 01 November 2012
Ice-Cream Trucks Taking Preschool to Children Not Able to Access State Provided Free Preschool for Preparing 4 Year-Olds for School 01 November 2012
Centres Respond to the Problem of Parents Leaving Children Hours After Pick-Up Deadlines 05 October 2012
United States Republican and Democratic Political Platforms Overlook Childcare Issues 05 October 2012
Fiji ECE Centre Tradition for Children to Give Books to Classmates When Leaving for School 03 October 2012
New Research from the USA Adds to Body of Evidence that Early Education Benefits At-Risk Children 03 October 2012
Early Childhood Regulations Not Doing Enough To Protect Children's Health and Teeth, Study Says 03 October 2012
Nature-Based Curriculum - Providing Outdoor Early Childhood Education 03 October 2012
What Early Education is Really Like for Children in Some South African Preschools 03 October 2012
Operation of Unregistered Preschools in China Questioned 01 October 2012
ECE Providers Protest Over a New Policy Requiring Parents to Scan Their Fingerprints 19 September 2012
Fighting Crime with Early Education 19 September 2012
Routine Spot Checks Find Many ECE Teachers Have Not Had Mandatory Working with Children Security Checks 19 September 2012
How Many Kids Waiting for Affordable Childcare in Hamilton is Too Many? 19 September 2012
Blue Chip Early Childhood Education Centres 19 September 2012
South Asia Records Highest Increase In ECE Enrolments Worldwide 11 September 2012
Community-Level Involvement Key to Shared Ownership of Difficulties Being Faced By Children 11 September 2012
No Inspections Done to Check on Safety of Home-based ECE Providers 11 September 2012
Presumption that Men Working with Children are Dangerous 23 August 2012
High Quality Learning Experiences Can Happen Anywhere and Must in ECE Centres as That is Where Children Spend Time 22 August 2012
Being a Man Working in Early Childhood Education is No Issue for a Child Advocate 13 August 2012
Plans to Introduce Full-Day Kindergarten as it's too Difficult to Strengthen the Childcare Sector to Give Children a Stronger Start to School 12 August 2012
Childhood Obesity - Regulations in Early Childcare Settings and Children Being Active 12 August 2012
Proposal to Pay One Month of Sick Leave to Staff in Centres in Ireland 06 August 2012
Australian Parents Struggle to Find Childcare 06 August 2012
The Right of Tribal Children to Early Childcare and Education 06 August 2012
Round-the-Clock Childcare Could Soon be a Reality In Australia 06 August 2012
More Comprehensive Early Childhood Care Policy Needed: Civil Society Group 02 August 2012
Effects of Childcare For 2 and 3 Year Olds 02 August 2012
Providing Early Childhood Education Makes Good Business Sense 22 July 2012
Consultation Begins on the Budget Based Funding Program for ECE in Regional, Remote and Indigenous Communities in Australia 22 July 2012
Call to Nationalise Singapore's 100% Private ECE Sector 22 July 2012
Private Childcare Programmes May Not Provide the Best Quality Options for Children 22 July 2012
Report on What's Happening to Costs, Fees and Staffing after Introduction of National Quality Famework 15 July 2012
Nationwide Garden Parties to Raise Money to Sponsor ECE Fees for Kids 15 July 2012
Most Cases of Sexual Child Abuse or Death Reported in Unlicensed Childcare Premises 15 July 2012
Heat Wave Prompts Call For Caution in Allowing Children Outdoor Play 14 July 2012
City Council Seeking to Save Money Wants Ministry of Education to Take on Responsibility for its Childcare Centres 06 July 2012
Better Quality Checks/ Inspections Needed 06 July 2012
Parents Spend More On Childcare Than Anything Else 06 July 2012
Up-skilling 'Caregivers' to be "Educators' - A Key Step to Developing Good Childcare 04 July 2012
ECE Providers and School Officials Get Parents to Implement Home-based Programme to Make Sure Children Reach School Entry Standards 04 July 2012
Why Wages for Early Childhood Educators Need to be at a Professional Level 04 July 2012
Early Childhood Education Qualifications System Slammed in Review 04 July 2012
Childcare Subsidies For Low Income Families Do Not Necessarily Mean Children Experience Higher Quality ECE 24 June 2012
Professional Development for All ECE Staff in Sth Australia on Effective Teaching and Care of Children with Disabilities and From Diverse Ethnic and Linguistic Backgrounds 24 June 2012
Government Departments Ordered to Provide ECE for Employee's Children 22 June 2012
Australia: Fears that Extra Government Funding to Raise Quality of Childcare Will Ultimately Be Gobbled Up In Fee Increases to Parents 22 June 2012
Early Childhood Teachers to be Paid Bonuses on Completing Further Qualifications in an Effort to Keep Highly Qualified Teachers 13 June 2012
Tobacco Tax Revenue to Fund Raising the Status and Earnings of Childcare Teachers - an example of Public-Private Partnership 13 June 2012
The Value of Camera Surveillance in Early Childhood Education Centres 08 June 2012
Childcare in India - Anybody Can Start a Preschool and Westernised Curriculum in Chain ECE Centres Not Suitable for Indian Population 08 June 2012
Exposure (or not) to Technology in the Early Years Creates Educational Disparities by School Age 08 June 2012
School-Age Children Notice Low Wage and Low Qualifications of Teachers in Early Childhood Education and Write to Politicians 08 June 2012
Early Childhood Education, Research, and Teacher Education on the Same Site - A University Children's Village 29 May 2012
ABC Childcare Chain Breaks with its Controversial Past 29 May 2012
Concern about Compulsory Targets and Assessing Children's Achievement in Early Childhood Education 29 May 2012
Is it Better to Start School at Age 6 than Age 5? It is if you are a Bright Child 29 May 2012
Recognising the Value of Early Childhood Education: It Really is Brain Science 29 May 2012
Childcare & Kindergarten Teachers Require Special Skill Set if They are to Help Children be Successful Later at School 21 May 2012
Secure Attachments and Maternal Sensitivity Predicts future Child Obesity 21 May 2012
Why Chores and Being a Helper is Good For Children in Early Childhood Education Centres and at Home 20 May 2012
Early childhood is a critical time to stop obesity - Breastfeeding, sleep, healthy food and no TV in bedroom 20 May 2012
Update on Politics and Funding of Free Early Childhood Education in Scotland 20 May 2012
Reaching Families through Early Childhood Parenting Programmes To Prevent Abuse and Deaths 09 May 2012
The Situation for ECE Teachers: Low Pay, Longer Hours, Working Over Holiday Breaks, and Employers Hiring More Non-Regular Employees 09 May 2012
Across the Whole of Africa - A Call To Monitor and Advocate for Early Childhood Care Policies and Budgets 09 May 2012
Childcare Staff Scare Parents with a Virtual Strike 08 May 2012
Child Advocacy Should Be a Core Role of the Early Childhood Teacher 08 May 2012
Participation in Early Childhood Education Varies Because of Cultural Factors - Or Does it? 01 May 2012
Privately Funded Scholarships To Cover Childcare Fees at Centres Engaged in Quality Improvement 01 May 2012
Singapore Bucks the International Recession with Huge Funding Boost to ECE 01 May 2012
Parents Lacking Parenting Skills and Leaving Child Care to Teachers and ECE Services 01 May 2012
People Granted Permission to Work with Children Found to Be High Risk Abusers and Criminals 01 May 2012
Education Budget Reductions Could See Early Childhood Education Moved to Social Services Dept 01 May 2012
A Paradigm Shift from the Idea of a Child Attending ECE and Towards the Goal of ECE Providers Supporting Every Family's System of Care 26 April 2012
What's in a Name? "Early Years Practitioner" is the New Cool Name for Early Childhood Professionals 26 April 2012
What Makes a Preschooler in Childcare Happy? 26 April 2012
Free ECE Scheme Keeps the Childcare Sector Going 26 April 2012
The Costs to Parents of Working: Is it Worth it? 26 April 2012
Finding Out How to Reduce the Teacher Shortage and Lure Early Childhood Educators Back to the Profession 17 April 2012
Implementation of Programme Quality Rating System Proving Successful in Raising Quality Voluntarily 17 April 2012
Parents Swoop on Vacancies in Childcare Services 17 April 2012
Businesses See Big Returns in Investing in Early Childhood Education Programmes 17 April 2012
Educators to be Taught Storytelling 17 April 2012
Children of Migrant Workers Forced Out of Early Childhood Education in China as Low Cost Services are Closed 21 June 2011

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