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Consultation Begins on the Budget Based Funding Program for ECE in Regional, Remote and Indigenous Communities in Australia

In Australia public consultation on funding and childcare and early learning services in regional, remote and indigenous communities is getting underway.  

Canberra, July 2012 - The Federal Government is calling for community input into childcare and early learning services in Australia.

Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care Kate Ellis says the government consultation will focus on funding to support childcare and early learning services in urban, regional, remote and Indigenous communities under the Budget Based Funded (BBF) programme.

The Minister said the government’s $A57 million programme supports more than 300 various services around Australia and plays an important role in ensuring families have access to an early childhood service where the market would otherwise fail to provide one.

Minister Ellis said that participation in quality early childhood programmes for vulnerable children reaps significant positive outcomes for both the child and the wider community.

“Changes in populations and communities over time means that government needs to ensure this critical funding remains well targeted,” Ellis said.

A discussion paper entitled Quality Early Childhood Education and Care for Children in Regional, Remote and Indigenous Communities: A Review of the Budget Based Funding Program will be the focus for these conversations.

“This discussion paper will help us to have a conversation with communities about how best to focus on children and families most in need.

“The discussion paper will look at what is working and what can be improved, and will include meetings for stakeholders and interested parties.”

For more, see probonoaustralia.com.au.


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