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ECE Service Organisation Membership

This membership option provides access to ECE service exclusive information, support, and resources (in addition to the benefits of a personal membership). 

All ECE service organisations holding one or more licences with the Ministry of Education are welcome to apply to be a ChildForum ECE service member, including centres, home-based, hospital-based, services for different ethnic and cultural groups, early intervention centres, parent-led and teacher-led services, and community-based, private and corporate ECE services. 

Join us if you have a strong commitment to maximising outcomes for children and providing a service that is safe for children, safe for staff, supports parents and families well, meets standards, and aims for excellence in practices. Note that your service cannot be a member with us if you are represented by or join the Early Childhood Council (ECC) business lobby whose focus is maximising outcomes for business/ profit.  See the conditions of membership - click here to read more

Membership must be taken out for the whole entity.  Apply for or renew membership according to the number of services licensed by the Ministry of Education under your management group, community group, owner/s, and company/ companies. 

Subscription rates below are for 12 months from the date your membership application is first accepted. Would you like to take out a membership for 2 years (or a longer period) and save on any future subscription price increase?  Contact us and ask - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

If you are taking out a new membership, click on the option below for the number of licensed services that applies to your ECE entity, you will then be taken to a screen and asked to enter your details, choose your own unique username and password for your member login, and then make payment.  

To renew your membership, login and then click on the option for the number of licensed services that applies to your ECE entity, you will then be taken to a screen and asked to confirm your details, and proceed to make payment. 

  • 1 licensed service that is not part of a larger group or entitclick here to JOIN OR RENEW $198.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • 2 licences held click here to JOIN OR RENEW $350.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • 3 licences held  JOIN OR RENEW $398.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • 4 or up to 6 licences JOIN OR RENEW $550.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • 7 or up to 10 licences JOIN OR RENEW $698.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • 11 or up to 20 licences JOIN OR RENEW $998.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • 21 or up to 100 licences JOIN OR RENEW $1,888.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)
  • More than 100 licences within your group or organisation JOIN OR RENEW $3,000.00 (less 10% discount when renewing before due date)

Should you prefer to use a printed copy of the membership application form instead of joining or renewing online then click on the following link to download a copy:   pdfMembership Application form  Complete the form and then send it to us.  Any questions? Please email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The Benefits

  • ECE service member planEnjoy 24/7 access to essential information. Have access also to guides, and education expert and economic management insights.  
  • Free inclusion of your service's contact details in a promotional listing for parents at (including a direct link for parents to your website) 
  • Free access to all past and current issues of the NZ-International Research in ECE Journal - giving a vast library of 20 years of published research articles on a very wide range of early childhood, teaching, parenting, research, and policy topics and issues.
  • Have concrete evidence of your service's commitment to quality. Only the best services can join ChildForum because services that do not uphold the ECE Service Code of Ethical Conduct or do not show a commitment to improving can have their membership withdrawn. 
  • Benefit from access to unique information and analysis that only ChildForum provides.
  • Grow your team's professional capacity as their knowledge and understanding increases, they implement new ideas and strategies for better outcomes, and their professional identity is affirmed.
  • Be well-informed and up-to-date. Never worry about missing out. 
  • Ask questions and pick up tips on child care and early education matters from our experts and fellow members.
  • Free registered user status for the Parent Survey tool, AND free analysis and a confidential report with your survey results.  We make carrying out a parent and whanau survey effortless! 

ChildForum membership can save you money, time and energy because we have so much information and knowledge all in one place at ChildForum - and if you can't find what you are looking for you can ask.  


  • Centre Owner

    Having heard a colleague talk about how useful she had found their material I joined. ChildForum's replies to my queries are prompt, extremely informative & with a genuine personal touch. I am impressed by the commitment to research & courage in tackling the hard issues like the risks of poor quality care for under 2s
    Val Morrison, Centre Owner
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Membership Options


Who is this for?
Ideal for parents, students, teachers, researchers, teacher educators, policy analysts and children's specialists.
$98.00 12 months from the date of joining
or for students $60.00 short-term 6 month access.
Your own personal username and password.

ECE Service 
Group Membership

Who is this for?
A service that has licenced one or more ECE services with the Ministry of Education (including home-based, parent, and teacher-led).
Starting from $198.00. Provides 12 months membership from the date of joining.
A shared username and password for your service group.

NZ-International Research in
ECE Journal Subscription

Who is this for?
Libraries, universities, polytechnics and organisations wishing to have access to the NZIRECE published journal and its articles.
$150.00 annual renewable in November each year.
A username and password or IP address access.