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We are sure your service will be delighted with the benefits of being part of ChildForum. 

Join us if you have a strong commitment to quality - to providing an early childhood service that is safe for children, safe for staff, supports parents and families well, meets standards, and aims for excellence in practices.

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ECE service member plan

It is easy to join and take out membership for your early childhood service or group of services. Click on the button at the end of this page that is relevant to the number of services you have and follow the instructions that will come up on screen.

Your service or group of services will receive a full 12 month or 365 day subscription from the date of joining. 


1. Enjoy 24/7 access to essential information and also to unique information that only ChildForum provides.

2. Grow your team's professional capacity as their  knowledge and understanding increases, they implement new ideas and strategies for better outcomes, and their professional identity is affirmed. 

3. Be well-informed and up-to-date. Obtain access to guides, information and ECE expert and economic management insights that non-members can be misinformed about it and disadvantaged by not knowing and having access to. Never worry about missing out. 

4. Ask  questions and pick up tips on child care and early education matters from ChildForum's experts and fellow members through our forum.

5. Have 24/7 complementary access to all past and current issues of the NZ-International Research in ECE Journal - giving a vast library of 20 years of published research articles on a very wide range of early childhood, teaching, parenting, research, and policy topics and issues.

6. Concrete evidence of your service's commitment to quality.  Let parents and others know that your service holds membership and that only the best services can join ChildForum because services that do not uphold the ECE Service Code of Ethical Conduct Code of Ethical Conduct or do not show a commitment to improving may have their membership withdrawn. 

7. Free promotional listing of your service's contact details including a direct link to your website and phone number for parents looking for early childhood education at My ECE  (www.myece.org.nz)

8. Free registered user status for the Parent Survey tool PLUS free analysis of responses and a confidential pdf report prepared by the research team at ChildForum (worth minimum of $260.00 per licensed service).  No longer will you have to be bothered with designing and carrying out your own parent surveys for feedback - it will be done professionally, independently and with a survey instrument that has been well tested and tried in different early childhood services across NZ. (see more details on the Parent Survey)

9. Discounts and/or preferential customer support with external suppliers that have a strong reputation in the sector - such as 'Storypark' for online portfolios and 'Edusafe' for staff training in manual handling and worker health and safety.

ChildForum membership can save you money, time and energy because we have so much information and knowledge all in one place at ChildForum - and if you can't find what you are looking for you can ask. 


Who Can Join

Any licensed early childhood service and service group can apply for membership (some conditions apply click here to read more).  Should your service be under the umbrella of part of a group of services under the same ownership - then An individual service that is part of the group 


How to Join or Renew Your Membership

1. The easy on-line option: Click on the JOIN NOW button below. Type in your details for membership sign-up.  Also choose your own username and password for access to all individual member category articles, discussions, and materials.

2, The paper optionpdf download a copy of the member application and renewal form - complete the form and then send it to the ChildForum national office.


Subscription Rates

Single ECE Service membership - for a sole private centre, community centre, single licence home-based service, or hospital based service

  • JOIN NOW $198.00 - 1 standalone ECE service $198.00

ECE service group membership

  • JOIN NOW $350.00 - 2 licenced ECE services under the same management group
  • JOIN NOW $398.00 – 3 licenced ECE services under the same management group
  • JOIN NOW $550.00  - 4 to 6 licenced ECE services under the same management group
  • JOIN NOW $698.00 – 7 to 10 licenced ECE services under the same management group
  • JOIN NOW $998.00 – 11 to 20 licenced ECE services under the same management group
  • JOIN NOW $1,888.00 – 21 and more licenced ECE services under the same management group

Any questions? Please email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Current members can receive a 10% discount when renewing before their membership expires - make sure you use the coupon code at the checkout or ask us.

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  • Preschool Leader

    Having heard a colleague talk about how useful she had found their material I joined. ChildForum's replies to my queries are prompt, extremely informative & with a genuine personal touch. I am impressed by the commitment to research & courage in tackling the hard issues like the risks of poor quality care for under 2s
    Val Morrison (Small is Beautiful)
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Membership Options


Who is this for?
This plan is for any person who works with children or has an interest in early childcare and early childhood education.

$98.00 12 months from the date of joining
$60.00 6 months student-only

Your own personal username and password.

ECE Service 

Who is this for?
Centres, home-based, hospital-based, playgroups ... licensed or new set-ups.

$198.00 12 months from the date of joining
Does your ECE group have more than 1 service? See our discounted rates

A shared username and password for your team or ECE group.

Library NZ-International Research
in ECE Journal Subscriber

Who is this for?
Universities, Polytechnics and organisations wishing to have access to all past and current NZIRECE published journal and its articles. Hundreds of research articles!

$125.00 annual renewable in November each year

A username and password for your library users linked to your IP address.