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ECE Service Providers

Apply for, or renew, membership according to the number of services licensed by the Ministry of Education under your management group, community organisation, and company/ companies. We trust that you will not try to cheat by applying for a membership under less than the number of licences your company umbrella or entity holds.

Membership starts from the date that your application is first accepted. Payment is due every 12 months (or 24 months if you take out a 2 year term).  You can cancel your membership at any time by letting us know.  We do not charge any additional fees for processing new memberships.    

You can join us only if you are independent of the Early Childhood Council (ECC). If you are represented by this political lobby then don't join us.  We support a large number of diverse early childhood groups. Your membership of any other group will not affect your eligibility for membership with us. There are T's & C's - click here to read

Sign up to start your membership

  • if you have licences for 11 to 30 ECE services 
    JOIN FOR 1 YEAR $1,150.  (or contact us for a discount coupon for a term longer than 1 year)
  • if you have licences for more than 30 services 
    JOIN FOR 1 YEAR $3,000.  
    (or contact us for a discount coupon for a term longer than 1 year)


Renew your membership - if you renew before the date for your renewal falls due then 10% off the membership fee will be automatically deducted at checkout

  • 11 to 30 ECE services 
    1 YEAR RENEWAL $1,150.  (contact us for a discount coupon if you wish to renew for a longer term)
  • More than 30 services 
    1 YEAR RENEWAL $3,000.  
    (contact us for a discount coupon if you wish to renew for longer term)



Our main focus is on children and supporting the sector to provide children with a great early education. We have a strong commitment to working for better early childhood education and care.

Our ECE Service Provider members are diverse and cover teacher-led centres, parent-led centres, home-based services, hospital-based services, ECE services for different ethnic and cultural groups, early intervention centres, and community-based, private and corporate ECE services.  

If you would like to join others in supporting our work, then become a member.  Join us if you have a commitment to maximising outcomes for children and providing a service that is safe for children, safe for staff, supports parents and families well, meets standards, and aims for excellence in practice. 


ECE service provider membership benefits

ECE service member planThe member-only benefits under the ECE Service Provider Membership plan include: 

Free inclusion of your service's contact details in the national register of ECE services for new parents looking for childcare / ECE at  (contact details can include: phone number, email contact form (your email address is not displayed),  and a direct link to your website) 

Free registered user status for the Parent Survey tool, AND free analysis and a confidential report with your survey results.  We make carrying out a parent and whanau survey effortless! 

Exclusive newsletters - service provider member only emails

Helping you to be in the know -  essential information so you can much more easily and effortlessly keep up with what you need to know 

An endless supply of original articles on topics pertinent to running and managing an ECE service - everything from managing staff and relationships with ERO and the MOE, to financial management and sustainability.  These are articles that only ChildForum provides 

Giving us feedback and helping to shape the quality of ECE and the sector - contribute to improvements in ECE by giving us feedback on topics and issues we cover, and by letting us know what's concerning you about any policy changes etc. 

Free access to all past and current issues of the NZ-International Research in ECE Journal -  a vast library of over 20 years of published peer-reviewed early childhood research 

Without the amazing member support we have, what we are able to work on and achieve would be a lot less. 

Thank you for your support!  

Membership Options


Who is this for?
Teachers - Student Teachers - Parents
$78.00 one year
$145.00 two years
Your own personal username and password.

ECE Service Provider  

Who is this for?
Service providers with one or more licensed ECE services
Starting from $198.00 for one year
A unique username and password

NZ-International Research in
ECE Journal Subscription

Who is this for?
Libraries, universities, polytechnics and organisations
$150.00 annual renewable in November each year
A username and password or IP address access