Financial Management

Funding breakdown for pay increases - test what impact pay rises would have
Improving the financial outlook of your service after the Covid shock
Arranging finance - short term lending to bring forward your service's next bulk funding payment
20 Funding Questions You Asked and Answers by the Ministry of Education
Funding Rates, Subsidies and Grants Available
Exploiting 20 Hours ECE funding during holidays
Cashflow management tips
Ministry of Education financial audit of your service - tips on how to prepare for it
Charging Parents for Late Pick-ups and Early Drop-offs
Targeted Funding amount per child and ways to capitalise on the funding
How to Increase revenue and reduce spare capacity
Reducing the risk of fraud by staff and parents
Inland Revenue clarifies for parents and services Rules around when an ECE payment is a donation or not
Fundraising: A Guide for all Early Childhood Services
20 Hours ECE Casual Change of Permanent Booking Administration
WINZ Subsidy Payment - Managing Arrears in Fees and Improving Cashflow
Frequently Asked Questions on Financial Accounting and Audits
Glossary of Financial and Accounting Terms & Jargon for Early Childhood Education Centres and Services
About the Various Accounting Reports - About Profitability, Cash Flow, Budgets, Performance, Receipts & Payments, etc.
Preparing your Special Purpose Annual Financial Reports for the Ministry of Education
Differences between a Statement of Financial Performance and a Receipts and Payments Report
Does Your ACC Bill Seem Much Too High? What You Can Do To Try To Bring the Amount Down
Responding to Parents’ Wishes to Bargain Over Fees and Other Charges
Birth Certificates and Accurate Child Enrolment Records
Tips for Aligning Your Early Childhood Service to Government Goals and Being Politically Strategic
Free Checklist Looking at Money Management and Accounting
Charging Fees on Statutory Holidays and Days when the Service is Closed
Saving Some of Your Income & Building Up Reserves for Special Projects or Financial Security
Change in What Can Be Included in 20Hour ECE Optional Charges

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