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Performance Appraisals - Teaching Staff and Members of Management
Centre Owner Doesn't Want to Put Centre at Risk By Employing Men
Staff Wages and Employee Benefits Guide 2020 - 2021
The ECE Employer's Guide to Employing and Managing Staff
Job Description Templates for various ECE positions
The Disciplinary Process, Policy template, Giving Warnings and Templates for Letters
Staffing at the Beginning and End of the Day and 'Person Responsible' Requirements
Paying staff for work outside of normal work hours
Interview Questions for Applicants for a Teaching Position
Pay reviews - why, when, how and links to performance reviews
Fostering Teamwork Within Your Team
Effective Leadership and Learning to Share the Load
TLC for Managers and Leaders and Looking After Yourself
Using the Internet in Ways to Benefit Your Staff and Service
Meal and rest breaks - legal requirements and issues
Probationary period or 90-day trial period for new staff - Which should you use?
Union rights, staff rights and duties of the ECE service provider
Domestic violence leave early childhood service provider employer advice
Staff Late for Work? How to Manage Problem Behaviour
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender staff – how to be an inclusive early childhood education employer
Free Childcare and Fringe Benefit Tax Implications
Relievers - Finding, paying and managing relief staff
Mandatory reporting of teachers to the Teaching Council and confidential exit agreements
Allegations made against a staff member - how to manage this
Faking sickness or staff who need to take unscheduled time off work
Redundancy - the Process and How to Avoid Problems
Salary and Wage Earners and Maximum Hours of Work
Annual holiday leave entitlements, carrying over, cashing up and pay-as-you-go
Attracting Job Applications from Men
Employment of Men in Early Childhood Teaching
A Case For Why Men are Needed in Childcare and Teaching

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