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Storypark Online Portfolios

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Available from Storypark to ChildForum members - 10% discount.

Note that no commission on sign-ups is paid to ChildForum by Storypark. 

We are making this available to members because we believe in the potential of Storypark and see it as the best available on-line platform to create e-portfolios of children's learning, engage families and streamline systems and processes for teachers.

Click here to view a great article by Deborah Thomas about her centre's journey from using paper-based assessment to Storypark.

Teacher portfolios can be integrated with children’s portfolios, so teachers can easily gather evidence for registration and assessment.

Storypark's design reflects inbuilt simplicity and user-friendliness which is so helpful for those of us who are not tech-experts.  

It is the most up-to-date modern way to engage teachers, parents and the child's community around the child's learning and development.  What happens as a result is improved communication, responsiveness to the child, more informed planning, and assessment is made much easier.

Just some of the things to be liked about Storypark are:

  • It's easy to record and share photos, videos and text through a secure and private network. You can use any one of a range of devices such as digital cameras, smart phones, lap tops and tablets so you can browse and add to stories anywhere and any time.
  • You can have private discussions with a child's family at a time that suits the family to reply and the family can add content.
  • There is a unique keyword system to enable you to work with your choice of curriculum, goals, values, and outcomes.
  • It has great 'search' capability when you want to check story statistics or find information by keyword, date or content.
  • Parents own their child's account and can give permission for different levels of access to member's of their wider family, primary school to support the child's transition, or special education support staff involved in supporting the child. 


An offer from Storypark to ChildForum ECE service members

  • A 10% discount on both the annual (or monthly costs) of access to Storypark for all ChildForum ECE service and group members (membership must be maintained to continue to enjoy the Storypark discount). For annual payment, for example, the ChildForum discount means a further 10% off the price, from $0.99 to $0.90 per child per month). 

  • Storypark remains free for parents and families for the lifetime of their child.

To get the discount you will need the exclusive ChildForum new member code.  Go to the end of this article for the exclusive code to use when signing up with Storypark.

Take a look at Storypark by going to:  


A testimonial

"Storypark for me as a teacher and a parent has made such an incredible difference to all aspects of my life. Teaching in an IB Preschool connection between home and school is vital for every unit that we teach. When the children learn about a unit of inquiry they take their learning home and this gives them the chance to extend their knowledge and understanding and deepen the concepts we are focusing on. Through strong connections they are able to take action which is a vital part of an inquiry model. Storypark has made this possible in so many ways. It allows parents to understand what we are doing and what their child has been learning about. A parent said to me last week it gives them a window into their child world. One that without Storypark wouldn't exist. It allows us as teachers to have a window into their world, we can share their home life and be apart of so many experiences. As a teacher this is something I have always found really important but until using Storypark it has never been possible.

We have been using Storypark for a year now and three things stand out in my head.

One was when our children were learning how to share their news. I was able to video a child telling their news for the first time and share it with their parents. I know for the parents this is a memory that they will never forget and make reference to it frequently.

Second was grandparents day at school where some grand parents from Australia turned up and walked in and said "hello Zoe it is great to met you we remember when you did this with.."

I have been able to video the children in the whole Preschool singing at a Gift giving Service today and load it onto Storypark which was great as it was over a minute long! But that will make many working parents day as some couldn't make it! So again what you have created is touching on so many people's live's, all across the world.

A story from the other day that I need to share with you: I have a child with slight difficulty with language. Every Monday I ask them what they did in the weekend and every Monday they say nothing and walk away. Last night I asked the parents to load a few photos up on Storypark and they did. Today I sat with the child and asked the same question to get the same answer. When I showed them the photos I had their face light up beyond belief and they started talking away with such confidence. Without Storypark this wouldn't of happened and I couldn't of got a quite shy child to be confident. Since then my relationship has totally changed with that child - he gives me hugs every time he sees me now. Everyday Storypark is making a massive difference!

Storypark is an incredible resource that really I cannot speak highly enough of. The dedication and passion by those that work behind the scenes to make it possible are amazing. They give so many children, parents, extended families and the teachers the opportunity to interact in a way I thought was never possible. As a mum of two children I cannot imagine not having it any more. My sons Grandparents saw him walk for the first time on the other side of the world through Storypark. That is beyond amazing!

The quality of our teaching and learning programme in the Preschool is growing and changing as parents can be more involved as their understanding of what we do deepens."
Zoe Roles, Head Teacher, St Mark's Preschool



Below for ChildForum members is the ChildForum exclusive code to use when signing up with Storypark, along with some further details.


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