News and Views

Title Created Date
The Discretionary Hour Increase – What You May Not Have Been Told 03 August 2021
What is Going on With ECE Teacher Pay? 03 August 2021
The Olympics 26 July 2021
Pay Equity Claim Update from David Haynes 25 May 2021
Pay Equity and 'arguability' of different types of claims – A short guide for centre owners and managers 21 May 2021
What's in Budget 2021 for ECE? 20 May 2021
Standards breached 18 May 2021
Early childhood teacher training scholarships 2021 23 March 2021
ECE Services that Did Not Meet Regulatory Requirements 2020 09 March 2021
Teachers and parents come forward in Childcare Centre case 25 February 2021
ECE Service Providers to Pay for Staff First-Aid Course Costs 24 February 2021
What's Really Going on with ECE Pay Parity and the Pay Equity Claims 20 December 2020
How the participation of children in ECE has been affected by COVID-19 16 December 2020
In troubled waters. Regulatory challenges for the Ministry and a glimpse behind the scenes of a New Shoots Children's Centre 24 November 2020
Why Christchurch early childhood centres don't have a problem attracting teaching staff 12 September 2020
Minister extends ECE pay parity coverage 10 August 2020
Attestation of minimum salary levels for certificated teachers 16 July 2020
Forced closure leaves parents confused and upset 09 July 2020
“We face closure within 12 months” – The financial outlook for ECE Services coming out of the COVID-19 Crisis 11 June 2020
Unclear regulations on staffing in ECE centres: Complaint heard by Parliamentary Select Committee 04 June 2020

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