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News - Latest NZ News

Title Created Date Hits
Budget 2017 puts more children at risk of becoming vulnerable 25 May 2017 Hits: 3249
(DRAFT of) Open letter on Kindergarten Changes 17 May 2017 Hits: 5003
NZ's first ECE academic journal celebrates 20 years of making research accessible 09 May 2017 Hits: 267
Kindergarten under threat 04 May 2017 Hits: 4718
What's your wish for Government spend on early childcare and education in this year's Budget? 30 April 2017 Hits: 2938
Birthday cakes, breastmilk and confining children's movement: A look at ERO’s report on food, nutrition, and physical activity in early childhood education services 18 April 2017 Hits: 1310
Practising Teacher Criteria and Code of Ethics Being Replaced by New Single Code 15 April 2017 Hits: 4783
Bungle over new Early Childhood Education Curriculum 12 April 2017 Hits: 7203
ECE teachers see red over higher fee charges that come in the guise of “consultation” 11 April 2017 Hits: 3706
Plan for Unionisation of the ECE sector 01 March 2017 Hits: 2238
Inadequate checking of early childhood education standards may lead to danger 19 February 2017 Hits: 5747
Target Not Achieved of 98% Children Participating in ECE in 2016 07 February 2017 Hits: 1121
Early childhood teachers have now been given access to apply for grants from the Government’s Teacher-Led Innovation Fund 01 February 2017 Hits: 3323
What is actually behind some services having staffing problems 19 December 2016 Hits: 918
Winners of the Children's Book Christmas Giveaway 19 December 2016 Hits: 140
Funding for qualified and certificated early childhood teachers – Good news! 07 December 2016 Hits: 5228
Consultation process for Te Whariki claimed to breach statutory and legal requirements 06 December 2016 Hits: 6925
ECE Teachers are Made of Money – Education Minister 24 November 2016 Hits: 9508
Four-year-old dies in Early Childhood Centre 18 November 2016 Hits: 1983
Tree incident at Auckland childcare centre rare and horrific and children need cuddles and understanding 08 November 2016 Hits: 2907
Students take a gamble on recognition of their early childhood qualification 14 October 2016 Hits: 5660
NZ childcare costs are among the highest in the world 12 October 2016 Hits: 2836
Qualified highly skilled early childhood teachers could soon be paid as low as $15.25 an hour while teacher-child ratios are also under threat 08 September 2016 Hits: 34787
For Heaven’s sake, leave our children alone – don’t subject them to performance rating tests when they should be playing and having fun in Early Childhood Education! 29 August 2016 Hits: 11436
School starting age to change and attendance made compulsory upon starting 26 August 2016 Hits: 17183
NZ Police heads towards gender balance while the Ministry of Education holds on to sex-role stereotypes for early childhood education 25 August 2016 Hits: 2361
Why WINZ childcare subsidy coordinators are likely to go 11 August 2016 Hits: 1516
Questions over NZ early childhood education qualifications having no practical teaching experiences included 15 June 2016 Hits: 3611
Overworked, injured and bullied – how can we make work safer for early childhood teachers and senior staff? 30 May 2016 Hits: 4700
Early Childhood Education misses out in 2016 Budget 26 May 2016 Hits: 3541
Teaching about Death and Sacrifice and Erection of War Memorials at Early Childhood Services 18 April 2016 Hits: 983
Early Childhood Education Services Scammed 08 April 2016 Hits: 1087
Paid parental leave changes - the great aspects and the outstanding issues for parents and those in the ECE sector 31 March 2016 Hits: 607
New Flag Favoured by NZ’s Youngest Citizens 24 March 2016 Hits: 433
Handling of privacy responsibilities by ECE services and concerns remaining 02 March 2016 Hits: 553
Ten new early childhood qualifications 01 March 2016 Hits: 920
Big and continuing increase in child numbers at centres 01 February 2016 Hits: 1613
ERO to evaluate healthy eating and physical activity levels in ECE services 29 January 2016 Hits: 1338
Will the Primary School Curriculum go the Early Childhood Way? 26 December 2015 Hits: 469
Voting by children on the shortlisted NZ Flag Options 15 December 2015 Hits: 571
Male Teachers' Meeting and Plans for the Next EC-Menz Summit in 2016 16 November 2015 Hits: 516
Not all teachers supported to provide quality early childhood education, survey reveals 07 October 2015 Hits: 1097
ERO investigating leak of infant and toddler communicators and explorers report 10 August 2015 Hits: 1200
Vulnerable children: Messages for ECE teachers and services from the Growing Up in NZ Study 29 July 2015 Hits: 1253
Problem with Education Official's Reassurance to ECE Service Owners 29 July 2015 Hits: 955
Four big changes to teacher registration and dealing with misconduct 28 July 2015 Hits: 1993
Kindercare acquired by global private markets investment management firm 20 July 2015 Hits: 1154
Profit-Driven Early Childhood Education is Flourishing 02 July 2015 Hits: 2462
More childcare the focus for early childhood education budget 21 May 2015 Hits: 2384
New parental leave package to benefit more families financially 01 April 2015 Hits: 1054
New requirements for child protection, child abuse policies and worker checks 31 March 2015 Hits: 1810
Kidicorp is no longer a commercial ECE operation 27 March 2015 Hits: 2971
Year of the Sheep or Year of the Goat? 26 February 2015 Hits: 1161
Adam Buckingham - early childhood teacher extraordinaire 04 February 2015 Hits: 5562
What could be done to prevent another tragedy like the Whanganui heatstroke toddler death? 21 January 2015 Hits: 3410
Kidicorp moves into the home-based ECE market 10 December 2014 Hits: 2120
Employment case highlights risks for nannies, educators, and families 01 December 2014 Hits: 1922
What's going to happen to ECE: The Ministry's Briefings to the Minister 12 November 2014 Hits: 3467
Where have all the sessional kindergartens and childcare centres gone? 10 November 2014 Hits: 2452
For ECE, little hope of positive change from National post-election 21 September 2014 Hits: 10996
Popularity of Lower Level ECE Teaching Qualifications Challenging Level 7 ECE Teacher Qualifications 24 July 2014 Hits: 2474
Charter Schools Likely to Include Preschoolers 01 July 2014 Hits: 1838
ECE Participation for the Most Disadvantaged Children: Child Poverty Action Group Report 19 June 2014 Hits: 32177
Ministry releases data on Early Childhood Education complaints 05 June 2014 Hits: 1317
Fees Incorrectly Treated as Donations - Inland Revenue Investigating 29 May 2014 Hits: 1430
Confidence in the early childhood education sector eroding further ahead of this year's election 20 May 2014 Hits: 1581
Budget 2014 spending increases and new initiatives for the Early Education (ECE) Sector 15 May 2014 Hits: 15904
NZ Tertiary College lets students (and the ECE sector) down - Ombudsman ruling released 12 May 2014 Hits: 4717
Childcare and kindergarten employment practices - ERO Report 10 May 2014 Hits: 1539
Ministry’s move on complaints a small step in the right direction 06 May 2014 Hits: 1108
Home-Based ECE Providers Reminded To Make Sure Educators are Paid For Their Work 14 April 2014 Hits: 1507
Child Bitten 9 Times at Early Childhood Learning Centre 16 March 2014 Hits: 3277
Sponsors needed to help fund grants to invite men into the traditionally women's profession of ECE 10 March 2014 Hits: 2241
Returning to work mothers prefer known carer to look after their first child in the home 06 March 2014 Hits: 21794
Early Childhood Education System One of the Most Sexist 04 March 2014 Hits: 1661
Identifying Which ECE Services Produce Higher Educationally Achieving Children 11 February 2014 Hits: 1579
A Trial of Flexible ECE (out-of-hours and weekend) Fails to Meet Targets for Participation 10 February 2014 Hits: 1233
Maturity is a Better Indicator of School Readiness than a Child’s Age or Ability to Read, Write and Count 10 February 2014 Hits: 1360
Digital TV Switchover Fails Children 05 December 2013 Hits: 1078
Optimism in the Early Childhood Sector is Disappearing 03 December 2013 Hits: 740
Re-think of NZ Government ECE Policies and Practices Needed Says ECE Sector 21 November 2013 Hits: 870
NZ Teachers Council to be Replaced by a New Group With Government Appointed Members 01 November 2013 Hits: 1331
First Kohanga Reo then it is … 17 October 2013 Hits: 2384
Complaints Suggest Problems with Quality Control in the Early Childhood Sector 09 October 2013 Hits: 3445
MY ECE to Help Parents Make Informed Early Childhood Education Choices 26 September 2013 Hits: 2799
What's Happening to the Cost of Childcare / ECE 20 September 2013 Hits: 2136
ECE in Australia Will Have a Voice in the Highest Place Over the Next Few Years 11 September 2013 Hits: 6868
Early Childhood Education Services Not Doing Enough to Promote Sign Language 04 September 2013 Hits: 1783
Rest Home Worker's Employment Court Case Could Pave Way for Challenges to Pay Rates in Early Childhood Education 30 August 2013 Hits: 1979
Bullying Believed to Start Very Young in Early Childhood Education 15 August 2013 Hits: 2191
New Consumer Affairs Guide on Safe Products for Babies and Children and Home Safety 15 August 2013 Hits: 2204
How Well is Government Doing in the Regions with its Target to Get More Parents to Use Childcare/ECE? 19 July 2013 Hits: 2218
Plans to Review the Home-based Sector Shelved 05 July 2013 Hits: 2130
Early Childhood Teacher Censured by Teachers' Council for Stealing Food From Children 04 July 2013 Hits: 5629
Report on Canterbury EC Services Experiences Post Earthquakes 24 June 2013 Hits: 5023
New ERO Reports on Te Whariki Implementation and ECE Service Priorities for Children's Learning 28 May 2013 Hits: 3272
Adult Daughter of Centre Supervisor Banned From Centre 28 May 2013 Hits: 2323
Kindercare Told Off By Employment Relations Authority 23 May 2013 Hits: 4005
NZ's Largest Private ECE Centre Chain Purchases Kiwicare Auckland Centres 23 May 2013 Hits: 2379
The Days of the NZ Teachers Council as We Know it Look Numbered 20 May 2013 Hits: 2952
Budget 2013 - Spending Increases, Cuts, and Implications for the ECE Sector 16 May 2013 Hits: 2199
ERO Confirms Planned Changes for ECE Centre Reviews and Reporting 07 May 2013 Hits: 1691
ECE Teacher Finalist in Annual Green Ribbon Awards 05 May 2013 Hits: 2639
How Long Parents Spend Caring For Their Children Each Day 16 April 2013 Hits: 2515
Vaccinations Provided En-Masse at Christchurch Daycare 12 April 2013 Hits: 2719
NZ Rated Poorly in UNICEF Report on Child Well-Being 11 April 2013 Hits: 2525
An Australian Parenting Expert says ECE/Childcare is Bad for Children in his Latest Book 11 April 2013 Hits: 2745
Government Decides ECE Participation is a Social Obligation. How People and Services May Adjust and Respond 10 April 2013 Hits: 13274
Scholarship Scheme to Invite Men into Early Childhood Education – A First for NZ 25 March 2013 Hits: 3945
Latest Survey Shows ECE Sector Keen For Govt to Focus on Improving Standards and Putting Children First 18 March 2013 Hits: 2396
Pasifika Families Targeted to Help Government Reach its Better Public Service Goal of 98% percent Participation in ECE 22 February 2013 Hits: 2840
Serious Child Harm Cases at Early Childhood Education Centres this Week 22 February 2013 Hits: 5855
Early Childhood Centres Could Be Reviewed as Infrequently as Every Four Years 07 February 2013 Hits: 3357
Mother Ordered to Pay Almost $6,000 for Sacking a Casual Nanny 02 February 2013 Hits: 3569
Calls for More Monitoring of Disabled Children in Early Childhood Education 01 February 2013 Hits: 4774
New Home-based ECE Business Lobby Group Forms 13 January 2013 Hits: 3149
NZ's Secretary for Education Lesley Longstone Resigns 19 December 2012 Hits: 4033
Parents of Children with Disabilities Struggle to Access Quality ECE Support 19 December 2012 Hits: 6905
Participation in ECE Evidence Booklet 17 December 2012 Hits: 7075
Home-Based ECE Sector Review by the Ministry of Education 2012/13 12 December 2012 Hits: 3086
Children with Special Needs in ECE – ERO Evaluation Findings 11 December 2012 Hits: 7831
High Public Satisfaction with Kindergartens 08 December 2012 Hits: 6567
Participation in ECE (but Not ECE itself) is Associated With Greater Weight Gain in Children 29 November 2012 Hits: 6905
Technology Use and Internet Safety in ECE 29 November 2012 Hits: 7217
The Direction ECE Is Being Taken by Government: Key Points from the Ministry of Education’s Annual Report 2012 23 November 2012 Hits: 7115
Better Guidance on How to Decrease the Risk of Food-Related Choking in Young Children 13 November 2012 Hits: 9121
Controversial Three Storey Childcare Centre with Astroturf Playgrounds on Each Level Opens 13 November 2012 Hits: 7539
Qualified Early Childhood Teachers Paid Less than the Centre Cleaners 13 November 2012 Hits: 6644
Crown Should Apologise for Failures in its Treatment of Kōhanga Reo, says Waitangi Tribunal 18 October 2012 Hits: 2672
Christchurch To Lose Early Childhood Teacher Training Provider 17 October 2012 Hits: 2547
Australians Recognising the Value of Employers Investing in Staff Children and Childcare 07 October 2012 Hits: 6997
Welcome to NZEI's New President - Judith Nowotarski 05 October 2012 Hits: 7603
Latest Figures on the Costs of Providing ECE, the Cost Drivers, Revenue Sources and Volunteer Contributions 19 September 2012 Hits: 1878
ECE to be Compulsory for Children from 3 years until Entry to School 11 September 2012 Hits: 4526
Male Teachers Needed to Bring Diversity and Add to the Quality of ECE 07 September 2012 Hits: 10183
Proposals to Reduce Child Poverty for Under 6s are Welcome but more Debate is Needed 28 August 2012 Hits: 4215
What's all the Fuss About Playdough? 27 August 2012 Hits: 11377
Government Better Public Service Action Plan for ECE Short-sighted 23 August 2012 Hits: 1787
OECD’s Latest Report Gives Direction for Improving NZ’s ECE Curriculum Te Whāriki 15 August 2012 Hits: 4093
Children Attending Two Kindergartens is Okay by Kindergarten Assn Rules 15 August 2012 Hits: 5012
Parental Involvement in Childhood Education 15 August 2012 Hits: 8733
ECE Funding System Changes in NZ and Australia 06 August 2012 Hits: 4992
Teaching Children about Competition and to Want to Achieve 02 August 2012 Hits: 4820
Studies Continue to Show that it's Not Participation in Quality Early Childhood Education or Childcare that Matters for Child Achievement but a Child's Family and Home Background 02 August 2012 Hits: 54232
Qualified Teachers 100% - NZCA Study 29 July 2012 Hits: 7642
Early Childhood Education System Failing to Support Maori Language and Culture – Te Kohanga Reo National Trust Board’s Reaction to the Government’s ECE Taskforce Report 25 July 2012 Hits: 2569
Waitangi Tribunal Claim by the Te Kohanga Reo National Trust – Arguments from Both Sides of the Table 25 July 2012 Hits: 1732
ECE Funding System Changes 17 July 2012 Hits: 2577
Greater Transparency in the Pipeline for the Education Ministry's Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC) 03 July 2012 Hits: 2484
Advisory Groups Call For More Regulation & Better Quality Through Emphasis on Compliance and Teacher Qualification 26 May 2012 Hits: 2657
Budget 2012 - Spending Changes and Implications for the ECE Sector 24 May 2012 Hits: 10222
Government Budget 2012 ECE Pre-Announcements 21 May 2012 Hits: 5481
Proposal to Track Child Attendance in ECE and Integrate with Health Data 18 May 2012 Hits: 2786
University of Canterbury Planning to Close a Centre that is Losing Money 16 May 2012 Hits: 2239
NZ Education Ministry Call for ECE Funding Advisers 09 May 2012 Hits: 2197
ERO Report Highlights Lack of True Partnership with Māori Families in Early Childhood Education 08 May 2012 Hits: 1691
Extending Paid Parental Leave 18 April 2012 Hits: 5614
"No Time for Gloom" in ECE Teacher-Led Services 29 March 2012 Hits: 2688
Are Nannies and Families Right to Complain about Being Treated in the Same Way as Other Licensed ECE Settings? 29 March 2012 Hits: 4518
Parents view ECE services as Childcare because of mother's work or study commitments 29 March 2012 Hits: 7815
Demand for ECE Teachers Drops 22 March 2012 Hits: 8203
The Worst and the Best Employers of Men 21 March 2012 Hits: 3603
Scaring Single Parents on the DPB About a Lack of Quality Childcare 13 March 2012 Hits: 2433
Early Childhood Services to Become the Primary Evaluators of Themselves as ERO Changes its Role 08 March 2012 Hits: 3117
Ministerial Inquiry into How a Convicted Sex Offender Came to Be Working in Schools: A Wake-Up Call 29 February 2012 Hits: 4671
Keeping Up With Research Can Be Hard but MIT Early Childhood Staff Show Commitment 27 February 2012 Hits: 2154
New Government Working Groups to Provide Advice on Improving ECE Quality 10 February 2012 Hits: 3366
Family First Calls for a Change in the Use of 'Daycare' - Early Childhood Education 08 February 2012 Hits: 2799
Same Old – Same Old. Treasury Advice on Targeting ECE Funding Assistance but is the Government Listening? 06 February 2012 Hits: 2816
Ministry of Education's Advice on ECE Funding and Policy for the New Education Minister 05 February 2012 Hits: 3111
ERO Findings on ECE Curriculum Support of Children's Social-Emotional Competence 02 February 2012 Hits: 3206
How Good is the Teaching Children Get in Early Childhood Education? 18 January 2012 Hits: 6674
Childcare Warning: Dangers of New Year Partying 29 December 2011 Hits: 2408
Early Childhood Education & Childcare Under a New National Government 28 November 2011 Hits: 4878
Fears for the Future in the Early Childhood Sector 01 November 2011 Hits: 2668
Survey Results Out: What Govt Should do for Children & ECE 19 October 2011 Hits: 2748
National's ECE Policy Intentions - Review Use of Te Whariki, Change Funding, Set Up More Advisory Groups, etc 14 October 2011 Hits: 3858
Party Policies for Early Childhood Education Just Over One Month Out From the Election 11 October 2011 Hits: 3575
Competent Learners Study Shows ECE Doesn't Have Significant Long-Term Benefit for NZ Kids 29 September 2011 Hits: 3097
Kidicorp, One of NZ's Largest Providers of Early Childhood Education, Purchases ABC Learning Centres 26 September 2011 Hits: 3775
Developing Policy for Gifted Children 25 September 2011 Hits: 2330
Sun Protection Taken Seriously but Better Policies & Practices Needed 21 August 2011 Hits: 2014
Minister Comes Clean on ECE Taskforce Purpose and Playcentre is Saved 05 August 2011 Hits: 2679
Daddy Daycare Planned 05 August 2011 Hits: 2392
Govt Green Paper on Vulnerable Children 27 July 2011 Hits: 2684
Gifted Learners Found in Every ECE Service 07 July 2011 Hits: 2630
Government's ECE Taskforce Report Now Out 01 June 2011 Hits: 2790
Research Backs Dame Lesley Max on Link Between Child Aggression & ECE 29 May 2011 Hits: 5192
Kindergartens to get More Funding than other Community-Based Services 20 May 2011 Hits: 1771
Early Childhood Education Comes Out as A Winner in Budget 2011: Or Does It? 19 May 2011 Hits: 2535
Commercial Approach to ECE Provision Fails Children: Salvation Army Report 27 April 2011 Hits: 1941
Childcare Services & Providers to Face Stiff New Fines For Poor Practices 24 March 2011 Hits: 3619
From 50 to 150 children or up to 75 babies - Centre Regulation Changes Announced 04 March 2011 Hits: 1754
Children's Commission Inquiry into Under 2s in Non-Parental ECE Childcare 23 February 2011 Hits: 2971
A Few More Few Good Men 21 February 2011 Hits: 3110
Children's Day an Occasion Not to Be Overlooked 21 February 2011 Hits: 4985
Reactions to Teachers’ Council Position on ECE Teachers and Registration 11 February 2011 Hits: 14959
High Court Ruling Implications for Parents Who Stay Home 24 December 2010 Hits: 1803
More Babies in ECE and Big Increase in Family Daycare Enrolments: What are the Risks? 24 December 2010 Hits: 2809
Changes in Funding for Students & Provisionally Registered Teachers 01 December 2010 Hits: 3364
Kindergarten Assn to make Staff Redundant Ahead of Govt Funding Cut 25 October 2010 Hits: 1928
Builders of New Early Childhood Services to Face an Incompatible Situation 04 October 2010 Hits: 4136
'Lost in Transition' - ECE and Educational Achievement 23 September 2010 Hits: 2936
Kindergarten Girl Nearly Strangled: Teacher Performs CPR 01 September 2010 Hits: 2329
ECE Funding Cutback Protest - Tauranga 31 August 2010 Hits: 2185

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