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News and Commentaries

Title Created Date Hits
What's Really Going on with ECE Pay Parity and the Pay Equity Claims 20 December 2020 Hits: 754
How the participation of children in ECE has been affected by COVID-19 16 December 2020 Hits: 416
Safer eating at last 08 December 2020 Hits: 4827
Early childhood teacher training scholarships 2021 02 December 2020 Hits: 5499
In troubled waters. Regulatory challenges for the Ministry and a glimpse behind the scenes of a New Shoots Children's Centre 24 November 2020 Hits: 7087
Regulation Changes – Here’s What You Need to Know and Do 14 October 2020 Hits: 1639
Why Christchurch early childhood centres don't have a problem attracting teaching staff 12 September 2020 Hits: 1082
Minister extends ECE pay parity coverage 10 August 2020 Hits: 2360
Expert Testimony relating to the petition with more than 15,000 signatures requesting pay parity with primary teachers for all ECE teachers 22 July 2020 Hits: 1363
Attestation of minimum salary levels for certificated teachers 16 July 2020 Hits: 1824
Forced closure leaves parents confused and upset 09 July 2020 Hits: 4634
“We face closure within 12 months” – The financial outlook for ECE Services coming out of the COVID-19 Crisis 11 June 2020 Hits: 2922
Unclear regulations on staffing in ECE centres: Complaint heard by Parliamentary Select Committee 04 June 2020 Hits: 4151
ECE Service Providers for Paid Pay Parity 26 May 2020 Hits: 4110
Who will benefit from a 100% funding band and by how much? 19 May 2020 Hits: 1896
ECE Teachers are Made of Money – Education Minister 14 May 2020 Hits: 16062
Behind the Early Childhood Council business group’s push to make government keep all ECE centres closed 23 April 2020 Hits: 3606
Fully paid childcare for essential workers nationwide 16 April 2020 Hits: 1652
COVID-19 Open Letter from Chinese NZ Early Childhood Teachers 20 March 2020 Hits: 1795
Covid-19 latest information and updates for the ECE Sector in New Zealand 17 March 2020 Hits: 27641

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