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Adult Daughter of Centre Supervisor Banned From Centre

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The Dominion Post  broke the story this week of a woman in her 20s being seen "inappropriately restraining" a child during a visit to a Wellington centre by a Ministry of Education staffer.

The woman was the daughter of the centre supervisor.  The Ministry staffer asked the woman to leave and not to come back onto the premises.

"It was unlucky that the ministry were here on the day", the Centre's management committee chairwoman told The Dominion Post. "Of all the days she had to come in and do something like that. It does not put us in a good light."

The centre was reported by ERO in March to be "not well placed to promote positive outcomes for children". Areas for improvement identified as far back as 2009 had not been dealt with but the service was allowed to continue to operate. The Ministry of Education says it is now working to support the centre and provide additional help. 


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