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National Early Childhood Management Forum 2019

ECE Management Forum 2019asmall


The forum was held on Friday 31st May 2019 in Auckland with 150 participants and guests.

This was at the end of a week that saw teacher strikes in the compulsory education sector and the release of the Government budget. Due to weather, there was unfortunately an issue with flights and we had people arriving late and needing to leave early. Nevertheless there was a big tunout and we had a fabulous day.ECE Management Forum 2019dsmall



What’s happening in the NZ Economy

Tony Alexander, BNZ Chief Economist


Budget 2019 debrief and discussion

Discussion session

ECE service funding matters Q & A


Discussion session

Managing finances and Q&A: Staying afloat and profitable
Lena Thomson, Director NZ Childcare Finance


Discussion session

Gatekeeper and gatekeeping: Exploring the key roles and functions of early childhood managers
Dr Mary Moloney, Dept Reflective Pedagogy, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick Ireland

ECE Management Forum 2019esmallIn the context of an increasing focus upon governance, management and accountability in early childhood, this presentation argues that the early childhood manager is the ultimate gatekeeper of children’s safety and well-being. Drawing upon personal experience, as well as research with early childhood managers and educators in Ireland and the US, Dr Moloney explores the key roles and function of an Early Childhood Manager, and identifies the specialist knowledge, skills and attributes required to establish and maintain an emotionally and physically safe learning environment for children and staff, leading to reciprocal positive relationships with parents, families and regulators. 

Keynote address

Manual handling and keeping staff and every adult safe at work
Nadia Tu’itahi and Melissa Caskie, Edusafe

Discussion session

My ECE Awards Ceremony Presentation: The 2018 “ECE Services of Excellence”

Awards were presented to

  • Phoenix Preschool in Ashburton, a community owned centre
  • Honeybees in central Auckland owned by Jason James  and Natalija James
  • Small is Beautiful in Devonport owned by Valerie Morrison

ECE Management Forum 2019hsmallprizeECE Management Forum 2019gsmallprize


Quality programmes, quality teachers: Early childhood teacher preparation degrees
Dr Wendy Boyd, School of Education, Southern Cross University, New South Wales

With an unprecedented number of children in early childhood education and care there is greater demand for teachers. This is in the context of recognition of the importance of the early years, research evidence showing that the practices and expertise of early childhood teachers leads to better outcomes for children, and that outcomes are improved when educators hold higher qualifications. The competence of the early childhood workforce is a salient predictor of early childhood quality. Yet there is no evidence of the most appropriate early childhood teacher education programme to improve the quality of the workforce. It is timely to investigate early childhood teacher education programmes in order to improve the provision of the quality of early childhood educators, and the outcomes for young children. Dr Boyd’s presentation will ask what content and structure is optimal in early childhood teacher preparation degrees? She will share with us data from Australian university course coordinators interviews and discuss issues and innovations for improving early childhood teacher degrees.

Keynote address

Including men as teachers for children in our service 
David Wright, Karaka Early Learning Centres

Growing authentic connections with our community of learners
Clair Edgeler, Beststart education leader

Operating on a small and personal scale
Val Morrison, Small is Beautiful Preschool

Supporting migrant and refugee children
Amanda McIntosh, Amanda’s Home Based Early Childhood Education and Care

Panel: Paths to achieving
better outcomes for children

Lockdown procedures for home and centre-based services and difficulties that can arise
Dr Sarah Alexander, ChildForum

The technology included in our centre for child and adult safety and centre security 
Avind and Aarti Lal, Little Feet Childcare

Discussion session




Little Feet Childcare CentreLittle Feet Childcare Centre
26 Yates Road
Mangere, Auckland


Thank you to our sponsors

Venue: Little Feet Childcare - Avind and Aarti Lal
Spot Prizes and Awards: NZ Childcare Finance - Lena Thomson
Spot Prizes and Awards: Edusafe - Nadia Tu’itahi and Melissa Caskie

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