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Free kindergarten teachers and associations showing support for early childhood teacher Pay Parity

Pay Parity Poster ECE KindergartenFree Kindergarten Associations have been funded by the Government for teacher pay parity with primary school teachers since 2002.

All teachers in other early childhood services were to be included in pay parity but this never happened.

The wider early childhood sector has supported those in free kindergartens to have pay parity. 

Now it is the turn of kindergarten associations, senior teachers, head teachers and teachers to support their colleagues in other publicly-funded ECE centres and services for pay parity. 

We are calling on every Kindergarten Association, kindergarten teacher, head teacher and senior teacher/ professional leader to add their name to the supporters list. This includes teachers who may be on leave (e.g. study or parental leave).

You can find the form to register your support here

Or scan the QR code QR code kindergarten teach 4 pay parity

Ngā mihi maioha

Thank you, your help is much appreciated

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa, takitini e
Success is not by the work of one, but by the work of many



(we will update this daily)

here are the first twelve supporters - thank you Sue, Helen, Kylie, Tania, Amy, Galitzine, Shelley, Mark, Brigitte, Jacqui, Priyanka, and Sarah

Sue Higgins  Teacher    Counties Manukau KA "A teacher is a teacher is a teacher"
Helen Byrne Relief Teacher Mahurangi 
Northern Auckland KA "I have worked in a wide range of centres and roles over the last 41 years. Experience tells me we are doing the same role so should be recompensed similarly."
Kylie Bernie Head Teacher Oranga Kindergarten  AKA  
Tania Head Teacher   CMKA "A teacher is a teacher is a teacher and should all feel valued"
Amy  Teacher   Waikato KA "A teacher is a teacher - we have the same qualifications, work to the same curriculum and standards - our conditions and pay should be the same"
Galitzine Trussell-Cullen   Highland Park AKA  
Shelley Sheneen   Parihaka Northland KA  "In my 30 plus years as a Kindergarten teacher I have always been advocating for ECE and for pay parity."
Mark Walker Kindergarten Teacher & Across Sector Lead  Masterton WM Kindergartens "Ensuring pay parity will show kaiako (who support tamariki toward a quality education and holistic well-being), their worth. Not only this, it will show whānau that we, as a nation, are putting our best foot forward to better outcomes for tamariki, and that we value learning and the holistic wellbeing of tamariki in the years that lay the foundations of which all else builds on. This is a career choice that supports the most precious beings of any whānau; kaiako have a responsibility for the lives of tamariki and often go beyond their 'on the floor' hours to support each and every child to the best they can; a near minimum wage doesn't reflect the value they bring to the life of a child and their family, let alone the connections they make in their communities. We need to attract new kaiako, and retain experienced kaiako across this diverse sector to pass on valuable knowledge. We need to encourage all spaces for learning to appeal to tertiary students as each has its own strengths and place in guiding tamariki and whānau through these fundamental years."
Brigitte Braithwaite Teacher Browns Bay Taiaotea Kindergarten Kaitiaki Kindergartens "It is simply unjust for teachers who have the same qualification as me to get paid less."
Jacqui Williams Teacher Te Atatu South AKA "Equal pay for equal work!"
Priyanka Kapoor Head teacher  Summerland Kindergarten  AKA  
Sarah Fergusson Teacher Knox Street Kindergarten  Gisborne KA  


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