Pay parity and wage rates

Our position is that qualified and certificated ECE teachers, no matter what ECE service they work at, must not be paid less than what a teacher who works at primary or secondary level is paid.

Title Created Date
About Pay Parity and the Campaign 07 June 2021
New salary attestation rates - pay steps, progression, and how to work out what step to place employees on 12 May 2021
Video of speeches on ECE teacher pay and the effects on children of high staff turnover 09 August 2020
What you really need to know about equal pay claims 01 December 2020
Teachers your choices for Equal Pay Claims 01 December 2020
Forced to take my ECE qualification and experience overseas 02 October 2020
2nd Meeting with the Ministry of Education on pay parity 17 September 2020
Synthesis of Evidence on Pay Parity for the Ministry of Education 17 September 2020
Expert Testimony relating to the petition with more than 15,000 signatures requesting pay parity with primary teachers for all ECE teachers 22 July 2020
Pay Parity Campaign Update – June 2020 09 June 2020
Help get pay parity for ECE teachers put into law 01 February 2020
Pay Parity Campaign Update – November 2019 06 November 2019
An Open Letter from Early Childhood Teachers to Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern and to Hon Chris Hipkins 29 October 2019
First Week of the Pay Parity Campaign 08 October 2019
NZEI Misleading on ability to deliver an immediate 11% pay increase and the ECE Collective Agreement 07 October 2019
NZEI’s 11% Campaign – It Sounds Great, but What’s Inside the Package? 03 October 2019
Exploitation of ECE Teachers - What government can do to end this 27 August 2019
Unqualified teaching staff exploited 10 August 2019
Like chalk and cheese: Pay Equity and Pay Parity different paths to get better wages 09 August 2019
David Haynes: ECE Teachers - Pay Parity or Pay Equity? 08 August 2019
Cost Analysis: Can centres afford to pay teachers more? 26 July 2019
Bethany O'Hagan: "Ask an early childhood teacher why teachers are turning their back on ECE 21 July 2019
Karen Girvan: "The pay realities when moving from kindergarten to another community ECE centre" 21 July 2019
Hugo van Stratum: Advocacy for a unified pay scale 21 July 2019
Janet Dixon: "Investing in teachers is investing in children - our future leaders" 20 July 2019

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