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Pay Parity

We are teachers not babysitters

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa, takitini e
Success is not by the work of one, but by the work of many

No teacher deserves to be paid less just because they are working in ECE.  But it's a fact that ECE is not valued highly and teachers who work in ECE can be paid less - a lot less.  It does not and it must not stay this way. Together, with your help we can change what might seem impossible and make the impossible - possible.

Arohanui, Dr Sarah
(ChildForum CEO) 

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What you can do

1. Read the latest Campaign Update

2. Join the  official pay parity campaign group on Facebook and follow and participate in discussions etc

3.  Funding parity for ECE services is important to support teacher pay parity - Providers are invited to join the list of names of services for the government to know who it can trust to provide pay parity to their teachers in return for higher funding for this purpose

Now closed: The Pay Petition Petition - you can find out more and see who signed by clicking or tapping here

A Note About NZEI Te Tiu Roa
NZEI tried to get ChildForum to drop their pay parity campaign and support their pay equity campaign instead.  It also tried a couple of times to interfere with the pay parity petition run on Action Station. NZEI has only switched to pay parity since the Minister said "pay parity" on national television in November last year.  Before then almost the only people saying "pay parity" were ChildForum. We are pleased to see NZEI now saying pay parity.  However it is still has 'fair' pay and pay equity campaigns running which are distracting and are designed to delay and provide barriers to pay parity.  


Pay Parity Poster same pay scale as kindergarten schoolsThe argument for pay parity - why and how, 'in a nutshell'  

It is critically important for the children attending early childhood education (ECE) services that the pay of all early childhood education teachers is on par with their kindergarten, primary and secondary peers. Pay parity means the same pay scale

Without pay parity qualified teachers will continue to leave the profession and the health, safety, and learning of children will suffer. Even when teachers stay in the sector, when they are disillusioned because of poor remuneration and overworked for the pay that they get, they can withdraw and disengage from children and from their work

For the government to provide the funding needed for pay parity they will need assurance that the taxpayers' dollars are being applied effectively to achieve the government's goals. There will need to be transparency around services' funding, to prove that pay parity is being applied.

See the Open Letter to Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern and to Hon Chris Hipkins 

Find information, research, funding and pay figures in the ECE Pay Parity book  

Campaign Updates

Posters to share, print and display 




Government responses to staffing issues in different parts of the sector

Funding and accountability concerns

Sector Survey

Thought pieces on the effects of low pay on teachers and exploitation

ECE Teacher Pay Parity Poster

The differences between 'Pay Equity' x and 'Pay Parity' 

NZEI's ill-thought out 11% wage jolt plan

Watch Video

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Teacher Pay book

Teacher Pay Parity Book

For a complete copy of the book, click here to read   Or email us for your free copy – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. The Lead-Up to the Campaign for Pay Parity
2. The Problem

2.1. Having a qualified workforce brings with it demands for higher wages reflective of qualification and professional status 
2.2. Teachers are subsidising ECE
2.3. Current pay levels 
2.4. Why would anyone want to spend a lot of time and money to become a qualified teacher and work in ECE today?
2.5. Slippage in the quality of ECE has become a serious worry 
2.6. Current methods and policy are failing 
3. The Solution 
3.1. Improve salary attestation rates 
3.2. Make sure funding for pay parity results in pay parity 
4. What Cannot Help as Much as We Might Want to Believe 
4.1. Joining a union 
4.2. The Government’s 10-year ECE strategic plan 
4.3. The re-introduction of a funding band for 100% qualified and certificated teachers and the exacerbation of inequity
5. A Teacher is a Teacher 
5.1. Why lower pay is not about gender or work role
5.2. Where is NZEI Te Riu Roa on campaigning for pay parity?
5.3. Are kindergartens fundamentally different to other services in ECE?
6. Summary
7. Concluding Comment

1. Salary attestation rates 
2. Pay parity rates
3. Kindergarten teacher working conditions 
4. Current funding rates by service type 
5. Glossary 

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