Teacher Pay and the Pay Parity Campaign

Our Position on Teacher Pay

We believe all teachers whose qualifications are recognised for working in publicly-funded licensed ECE services must be paid no less than what a teacher who works at primary or secondary level is paid.

No teacher should be paid less than another teacher with identical qualifications and meeting the same professional requirements because they work in ECE.  But it's a fact that ECE is not valued highly and teachers who work in ECE can be paid less - a lot less.  It is time to stop taking for granted the goodwill and the kindness that teachers have for children, families, and their employer and ensure no teacher in ECE is underpaid. (Quote: Dr Sarah Alexander, 14 July 2019). 


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QR code for the ECE Teacher equal pay claimThe new Equal Pay Amendment Act 2020 provides us with an additional avenue to pursue pay claims. The Act allows individuals, not just unions, to put in equal pay claims. Individuals can appoint someone to represent them. There is a very clearly arguable case for qualified and certificated teachers working in ECE to have pay parity with all other teachers. 

Mr David Haynes is representing teachers to make their individual claim should they wish to be represented. David has prepared a claim that seeks a minimum of kindergarten teacher (KTCA) rates for all certificated teachers working in ECE. The claim includes additional pay elements from the recent Teacher Aides’ settlement. David will also be asking for any settlement that results from this claim to be backdated. Tap or click here to go to the online registration form  Or scan the QR code to access the online form.   If you would like to know more - these articles are very helpful

Pay Parity Poster same pay scale as kindergarten schools

We got the ball rolling for a political and sector focus on achieving pay parity for ECE teachers.  We organised the first national meeting in July 2019 in Wellington. At this meeting NZEI reps tried to get us to support its pay equity campaign (pay based on gender) and argued that pay parity (pay based on being a teacher) was not achievable. So, we realised it was up to us to work to generate interest, and do the research and thinking for pay parity. We formed a small pay parity steering group, and worked to transform thinking and create a sea change, thereby getting the issue of pay parity to the top of the political agenda.

The Pay Parity Petition Petition - find out more and see who signed

Expert testimony for Parliament's Education and Workforce Select Committee considering the petition for Pay Parity

The names of ECE services who support Pay Parity for their teaching staff

The ECE Pay Parity Book - read online or print a copy  

Open Letter by teachers to Prime Minister Hon Jacinda Ardern and to Hon Chris Hipkins 

Teacher Pay book

See also:

Now there is political will for pay parity. It is incumbent on the Ministry of Education to advise government and do the work that needs to be done to see that pay parity is delivered. We are now prompting and working with the Ministry to make sure it does its job.

Read:  Evidence for the Ministry of Education to Use in Advising Government
Read:  Minutes of our meeting with the Ministry of Education 

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari, he toa takitini (Success is not by the work of one, but by the work of many)
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