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flowerWithout the support, dedication and expert support of our editors and reviewers the NZ-International Research in Early Childhood Education Journal would not be possible. 

We wish to acknowledge and thank each person shown below for their tremendous contribution. 




Volume 22 Issue 2, 2019 - Special Issue Presenting Early Childhood Position Papers 

Guest Editor: Qilong Zhang
Chief Editor: Wendy Boyd
Reviewers: Dr Elspeth McInnes, Tui Summers, Jo Ailwood, Carla Solvason, Helen Mataiti, Gillian Postlewaight, Chris Jenkin, Dr Mary Moloney, Sarah Brindle.


Volume 22 Issue 1, 2019

Chief Editor: Wendy Boyd
Editorial Group: 
Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Pam Whitty, Qilong Zhang, Tui Summers, Jo Ailwood, Carla Solvason, Helen Mataiti, Gillian Postlewaight, Chris Jenkin, Nicola Watson. 


Volume 21 Issue 1 & 2018

Chief Editor: Wendy Boyd
Editorial Group:  
Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Janet Moles, Pam Whitty, Tui Summers, Melinda Miller, Jo Ailwood, Carla Solvason, Helen Mataiti, Qilong Zhang, Gillian Postlewaight, Chris Jenkins. 


Volume 20 Issues 1 & 2, 2017

Chief Editor: Wendy Boyd
Editorial Group:  
Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Janet Moles, Pam Whitty, Tui Summers, Corine Rivalland, Jane Bone, Melinda Miller, Jo Ailwood, Carla Solvason, Helen Mataiti, Qilong Zhang, Gillian Postlewaight, Linda Newman.


Volume 19, 2016

Chief Editor: Wendy Boyd
Editorial Group:  
Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Janet Moles, Pam Whitty, Tui Summers, Corine Rivalland, Jane Bone.
Additional Reviewers: 
Marek Tesar, Sue Stover, Jo Ailwood, Amanda Bateman, Angela Chan, Chris Hawkins.


Volume 18, 2015

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editorial Group: Wendy Boyd, Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Janet Moles, Pam Whitty, Tui Summers, Corine Rivalland, Jane Bone.
Additional Reviewers:  Brent Mawson, Chris Jenkin, Helen-Stewart MacKenzie, John Church, Keryn O’Neill, Liz Depree, Marek Tesar, Maureen Woodhams, Rosemary Richards


Volume 17, 2014 - Special Issue on Early Childhood Policy

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors: Wendy Boyd, Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Janet Moles, Freda Briggs, Pam Whitty, Tui Summers, Corine Rivalland, Jane Bone.
Additional Reviewers: Carla Solvason, Amanda Bateman, Andrew Guilfoyle, Kate Thornton, Anne Grey, Sue Stover, Peter Watson, Linda Harrison, Mary Moloney, Lex McDonald.


Volume 16, 2013

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors:  Wendy Boyd, Kaye Cederman, Elspeth McInnes, Janet Moles, Freda Briggs, Pam Whitty, Tui Summers, Corine Rivalland, Jane Bone.
Additional Reviewers:  Sue Nichols, Jenny Butcher, Marek Tesar, Cynthia Prince, Sheilpa Patel, Caterina Murphy, Bill Hagan, Chris Jenkin, Rosemary Richards, Chris Peers, Lise Claiborne.


Volume 15, 2012

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors:  Kaye Cederman, Wendy Boyd, Elspeth McInnes (and with Andrew Gibbons from 2011)
Reviewers: Carla Solvason, Ali Wegner, Mary-Jane Shuker, Ken Blaiklock, Janita Craw, Robyn Reid, Robin Quigg, Alex Williams, Karen Guo, Rosemary Richards, Brent Mawson, Janice Schischka, Sandy Farquhar, Fran Press, Janet Moles, Cheryl McConnell, Bill Hagan, Vivienne Hogan, Lise Claiborne, Sue Nichols, Cynthia Prince, Maria Uloa, Angel Chan.  


Volume 14, 2011

Co-editors:  Andrew Gibbons and Kaye Cederman
Reviewers:  Anne Schofield, John Waldon, Cathy Diggins, Marek Tesar, Doug Ferry,  Shirley Martin, Gillian Croad, Sophie Alcock, Glynis Hibbott, Sue Cherrington, Helen Hedges, Sue Stover, Iris Duhn, Valerie Margrain, Janet Mansfield, Vivienne Hogan, Janita Craw


Volume 13, 2010

Co-editors:  Helen Hedges and Andrew Gibbons
Statistics Advisor: Gavin Brown
Reviewers: Ali Wegner,  Brent Mawson,  Chris Jenkin, Christopher Naughton, Ella Kahu, Gillian Croad, Jane Bone,  Janet Mansfield, Jayne White, Janita Craw, Joce Nuttall, Katherine Wilson, Ken Blaiklock, Lin Howie, Marek Tesar, Nicola Surtees, Sophie Alcock, Sue Stover, Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw                                  


Volume 12, 2009

Lead Editor:  Helen Hedges
Statistics Advisor: Gavin Brown
Reviewers:  Sophie Alcock; Donna Berthelson; Sally Birdsall; Sally Bodkin; Jane Bone; Gavin Brown; Vicki Carpenter; Joy Cullen; Carmen Dalli; Helen Dixon; Cathy Diggins; Iris Duhn; Judith Duncan; Ann Farrell; Sue Farruggia; Michael Gaffney; Andrew Gibbons; Linda Good; Cheryl Greenfield; Sue Grieshaber; Alex Gunn; Mariane Hedegaard; Barbara Jordan; Deidre Le Fevre; Judith Loveridge; Miriam McCaleb; Lorraine McLeod; Colleen McMurchy; Brent Mawson; Joce Nuttall; Val Podmore; Kim Powell; Lesley Rameka; Jenny Ritchie;  Adrienne Sansom; Margaret Sims; Alison Stephenson; Sue Stover; Jennifer Sumsion; Sarah Te One; Debbie Waayer; Johanna Watson.


Volume 11, 2008

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors: Helen Hedges, Lorraine McLeod, Margaret Turnbull and Kathleen Liberty.
Reviewers in addition to Editorial Group: Andrew Gibbons; Anne Kennedy; Bill Hagan; Bronwyn Reynolds; Cathy Diggins; Cheryl Greenfield; Dawn Garbett; Debbie Waayer; Helen Aitken; Jane Bone; Janis Caroll-Lind; Joce Nuttall; Katherine Wilson; Kim Powell; Marg Sellers; Margaret Sims; Sarah Te One; Valerie Margrain.


Volume 10, 2007

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors: Helen Hedges,  Kathleen Liberty,  Lorriane McLeod,  Margaret Turnbull, and Alex Gunn.
Reviewers in addition to Editorial Group: Alice Turnbull; Alison Stephenson; Anne Kerslake; Barbara Allan; Beverley Clark; Carolyn Jenkins; Gay Gallagher; Helen Aitken; Jean-Pierre De Raad; Julie Wylie; Lin Howie; Maggie Haggerty; Nadine Metzger; Robin Quigg; Sally Peters; Sandy Farquhar; Susan Foster-Cohen; Susan Werner; Tracey Lidington.


Volume 9, 2006

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors: Helen Hedges, Karthleen Liberty, Lorriane McLeod, Mere Skerrett-White, Margaret Turnbull, Janet Gregory, and Alex Gunn.
Reviewers in addition to Editorial Group:  Sandra Collins; Gillian Croad; Joy Cullen; Lesley Dunn; Paulene Gibbons; Karen Guo; Judy Hamer; Chris Jenkin; Barabara Jordan; Jeanette Rhedding-Jones; Rosemary Richards; Jill Robbins; Rod Wills.


Volume 8, 2005

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors: Helen Hedges; Kathleen Liberty, Sandy Farquhar and Judith Duncan.
Reviewers in addition to Editorial Group: Lorraine McLeod; Rosemary Richards; Linda Keesing-Styles; Ann Hatherly; Jocelyn Wright; Maggie Haggerty; Gillian Croad; Lesley Dunn; Alex Gunn; Joy Cullen; Sue Stover; Alison Stephenson; Val Podmore.


Volume 7, 2004

Guest Editors: Kathleen Liberty; Helen Hedges; Sandy Farquhar   
Reviewers:  Lynda Boyd; Ann Hatherly; Colin McGeorge; Margaret Carr; Maggie Haynes; Judi Miller; Jani Carroll-Lind; Linda Keesing-Styles; Val Podmore; Joy Cullen; Gilah C. Leder; Kimberley Powell; Susan Foster-Cohen; Jude MacArthur; Cushla Scrivens; Michael Gaffney; Lorraine McLeod; Jenny Smith; Lianne Woodward.


Volume 6, 2003

Guest Editor:  Joy Cullen
Editorial Group: Kathleen Liberty; Judith Duncan
Reviewers: Sophie Alcock,;Alex Gunn; Judi Miler; Kerry Bethell; Helen Hedges; Joce Nuttall; Jane Bone; Barbara Jordan; Sally Peters; Anne Bray; Lone Jorgensen; Cynthia Prince; Carmen Dalli; Judith Loveridge; Cushla Scrivens; Lyn Foote; Lorriane McLeod; Mary Jane Shuker. 


Volume 5, 2002

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Editors:  Kathleen Liberty; Sandy Farquhar; Judith Duncan 
Reviewers:Judi Miler; Joce Nuttall; Megan Gollop; Lorraine McLeod; Nancy Bell; Jenny Ritchie; Jean Rockel; Margaret Brennan; Joy Cullen; Lyn Foote; Maggie Haynes.


Volume 4, 2001

Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Associate Editors: Sandy Farquhar; Judith Duncan
Reviewers: Kerry Bethell; John Brickell; Joy Cullen; Lyn Foote; Michael Gaffney; Ann Hatherly; Maggie Haynes; Jan Savell; Judith Loveridge; Jude McArthur; Lorraine McLeod; Jenny Ritchie; Valerie Podmore; Cushla Scrivens; Nicola Taylor.


Volume 3, 2000

Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Reviewers:  Kerry Bethell; Dave Chapman; Joy Cullen; Judith Duncan; Lyn Foote; Michael Gaffney; Ann Hatherly; Lorraine McLeod; Valerie  Podmore; Cushla Scrivens; Alison Stephenson.


Volume 2, 1999

Managing Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Joint Editors:  Lyn Foote; Judith Duncan
Reviewers: Sophie Alcock; Kerry Bethell; Margaret Carr; Loraine Corrie; Carmen Dalli; Judith Loveridge; Patricia Johnston; Valerie Podmore; Cynthia Prince; Jenny Ritchie; Alice Turnball.


Volume 1, 1997/8

Editor:  Sarah Alexander
Manuscripts submitted to this first volume were not subject to peer-review. 


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