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Select and purchase a PDF copy of any article published in the Journal for personal use only. To see the articles available click on the link to go to the contents page  article titles, author names, and publication date

  • Articles are $18.00 each, per pdf copy 

We have a limited number of past publications of the NZRECE Journal up to Volume 14, 2014.  To check out the contents or articles in each journal volume click here for more information.  Obtain a set of any 6 past issues of the journals shown below for just $100.00 - this is a tremendous saving.  Or purchase individually:

Vol. 17, 2014 - $29.00

Vol. 15, 2012 - $22.90

Vol. 14, 2011 - $22.90

 Vol. 13, 2010 - $22.90

 Vol. 10, 2007 - $19.90  Vol. 9, 2006 - $19.90  Vol. 8, 2005 - $19.90  Vol. 6, 2003 - $19.00

Should a particular volume no longer be available we will contact you and give you the choice of replacement or provide a refund. 

To order - Email your order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and state: 

  1. the journal book, or the title and author of the article you wish to purchase (if you wish to purchase two or more articles, list each clearly to make sure you receive what you want).  
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What you want to know ece

DVD for parents and students on the features and quality of early childhood services New Zealand 

A range of options for the care and education of young children are shown in this beautiful NZ made DVD:

  • Family daycare arrangements (also known as home-based services)
  • Preschool and childcare centres including kindergartens, daycare, Nga Kohanga Reo and Pacific Island language centres
  • Playcentres
  • Nannies and babysitters
  • Shared childcare arrangements with another family
  • Having your child at work with you

What you can expect to see children doing and learning in licensed services is discussed in this DVD.

The benefits and the disadvantages of using a childcare/early education service are covered.

Guidance for selecting a service is provided including reasons for the importance of a good match between service, the child and the family.

The final part of the DVD covers a broad range of questions from the perspectives of parents, teachers, early childhood leaders and health professionals.

Price:  $15.90 per DVD (plus $5 postage & handling) 


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