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Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions of Membership

As a ChildForum member and by using the www.childforum.com website, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. 



ECE services joining ChildForum agree to abide by the Code of Conduct for Early Childhood Services AND the Code of Rights for Children in ECE Services (both of the codes are available at www.myece.org.nz).  Should it come to ChildForum's attention that an ECE service member has breached the Code of ECE Service Conduct or the Code of Rights for Children in ECE services, ChildForum reserves the right to decide as to whether to support the member to uplift the quality of its practice or to cancel its membership.

ChildForum reserves the right to decline the membership of any self-serving lobby group and any person associated with such groups. This includes the Early Childhood Council (ECC) private business lobby group, its Executive or Board members (past and present), CEOs and directors, and contractors and employees along with their ECE services, tertiary education institutes, and ECE centres and other businesses. (Note that: the membership will be cancelled and no refund will be made to any person and/or service/s standing for the executive of the ECC, on the executive, or closely associated with the staff or executive of the ECC who joins ChildForum without declaring their involvement in the ECC and potential conflict of interest and having this accepted by ChildForum in writing before joining).   

ChildForum also reserves the right to decline the membership application of any person who has attempted to undermine ChildForum or who does not support the objectives of ChildForum.

Where a member passes on information (verbally, electronically, in writing, or printed copies) from the ChildForum members-only section of the website to a non-member or to any organisation, ChildForum reserves the right to cancel the member's access, to name and shame the member, and refuse any future applications for membership.



© All the material on this site has the protection of international copyright. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to view and print materials from ChildForum.com for personal use only that is non-commercial for the purpose of viewing, reading and retaining for reference. Any other copying, distribution or modification of information or materials on this site, whether in electronic or hard copy form, without the express prior written permission of ChildForum.com, is strictly prohibited.

Any direct quotes taken from any material (written or video) on the public section of ChildForum.com website must give full acknowledgement to the author and the website along with the date the material was retrieved.

No quotes or material from the member-only section of the ChildForum website can be taken from it and communicated to or shared in any way with non-members, publicly or within your organisation.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated and may lead to legal action. The ChildForum logo cannot be used without the written permission of ChildForum.

ChildForum reserves the right to moderate comments and delete comments submitted online, without explanation or apology.

By using the website and submitting comment you agree not to: bully or harass other users, make offensive or malicious comments, engage in self-promotion, advertise or promote a service or product or event without the agreement of ChildForum, or dominate the comments for the purpose of pushing your particular view. ChildForum reserves the right to issue a warning OR cancel your membership, without refund of any membership fees paid and to refuse any future applications for membership.

ChildForum takes seriously the protection of membership benefits, as we expect you to do. Your responsibility is to inform ChildForum of any misuse of membership that comes to your attention, including membership-only information being shared with third parties and breaches in copyright.

To ask further about copyright conditions and what you may, and may not, do regarding copying and use of material on this site please contact us.



The ChildForum.com website requires users to provide their real name for a personal/ individual membership or the ECE service name and licence number for an ECE service membership. You agree not to share your password or let anyone else access your membership account.

In the case of an ECE licensed service the password is only to be shared amongst the members in the service or group. We recommend you change your password at least every six months and also when a staff member leaves.



Membership subscriptions are non-refundable. Should a member wish to cancel membership before expiry date for whatever reason no refund is payable.

A membership cannot be shared with or transferred to another person, group, or organisation.

In the event that an ECE service or institution is sold or merged the member accepts responsibility to inform ChildForum. The membership will cease and no refund for any remaining months of membership will be made. The new owner or operating group must take out a new 12 month membership under its name.

At the end of each 12 month period of membership dues are payable unless the member has cancelled subscription prior to the renewal. Password access to the members-only area of the ChildForum website will be closed when a membership expires and reactivated when the membership renewal fee is paid.

Should a membership be cancelled by ChildForum for reasons of unacceptable behaviour as defined in the Terms and Conditions Policy no refund will be made, for two reasons. First, you brought this on yourself through unacceptable behaviour, and second, you will have benefited from access to ChildForum services and the network sections of the website whatever the length of access.

Should your application not be accepted for whatever reason, any money paid in application for the membership shall be refunded less 20% administration fee. ChildForum reserves the right to accept or not to accept any membership application.

Should you attempt to re-join online after your membership has been cancelled by ChildForum or not accepted previously, any money paid shall be refunded less 50% fee.



The views expressed in third party materials, articles and comments published on this site are not necessarily those of ChildForum.com, management, staff and ChildForum members. No responsibility or liability is accepted for the accuracy of the information and published materials on this web site. Independent and/or legal advice should be sought before taking any action in reliance of any information or views expressed by ChildForum or on the ChildForum website. Any person relying on any information and published materials obtained in or accessed through the ChildForum website does so at their own risk.



No responsibility is taken by ChildForum.com for the contents of Links to other Websites. You are welcome to create a hyperlink to ChildForum from another website, but the link must not be presented in any context which implies ChildForum has an association of any kind with your site, or endorses your site or product.


2. Events 

ChildForum reserves the right to cancel any event and all fees will be refunded. ChildForum accepts no responsibility for other costs (e.g. travel, accommodation bookings) incurred by the registrant. No refunds will be given if a registrant for what ever reason is unable to attend the event booked.

The registrant may choose to give his/her place to someone else from his/her organisation or service; and this will be accepted by ChildForum if the registrant informs us before the day of the event as to who will be his/her replacement.

ChildForum reserves the right to change the venue. If this is necessary ChildForum will undertake to email all registrants of the change of venue one week prior to the event date. In extraordinary circumstances, such as flooding and fire at the venue, advance notification of a change of venue may not be possible.


3. Non-ChildForum Goods and Services

Goods and services purchased or contracted with a third-party are not the responsibility of ChildForum. Please take up the issue/problem directly with the seller or organisation providing the good or service. Please inform ChildForum if the issue or problem is such that you would not recommend the service or company to other people.

Information on third party products and services that ChildForum has assessed to be ones that may be of benefit to you does not constitute an endorsement. You are advised to seek legal advice and undertake checks on any third party products and services advertised or promoted by ChildForum before you enter into any relationship or agreement for use or purchase. ChildForum shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any purchase or relationship that you may enter into with any suppliers of third party products or services.




ChildForum can make changes at any time, for legal or administrative reasons, to the Terms and Conditions Statement. For an updated copy please check the ChildForum.com website. Thank you.

This copy was last updated Oct 2016.

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