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Early Childhood Alert, No. 7, 2016

Calls for Research Papers

The NZ Research in ECE journal has issued an invitation to researchers in NZ and internationally to respond to a call for papers for:

1.  The forthcoming general issue of the NZRECE journal. The journal publishes research results, critiques, methodological papers and theoretical articles relating to children’s care, wellbeing and education in the early years (from conception and up to eight years of age).  As well as papers reporting original research, papers presenting diverse methodologies, critiquing research practices, or advancing thinking about how research is conducted and used are also welcomed. the closing date for submissions is 30th May 2016 (we suggest you let the Editor know if you are planning to submit a paper).

2.  A special issue on "Early Childhood Educators and their Work".  For the Special Issue, high quality papers relating to all aspects of early childhood educators and their work across practices, policy, training, and career paths are welcomed. Examples may include:  

  • Educators’ job satisfaction
  • Qualifications and early childhood educators
  • The demographics of early childhood educators
  • Attraction to the profession
  • The work conditions of early childhood educators
  • Indigenous and minority group participation in early childhood educational work
  • (Dis)ablility, gender, and age issues
  • Policies and management
  • Challenges and barriers for work in early childhood education

The closing date to submit your proposal/ abstract is 15 May 2016.

>  click here to view copies of the Call for Papers and read more 


ECE Professonial leaders, managers and service providers

Make sure you've got your registration in to attend the National ECE Management Forum on Friday 27th May in Wellington city, following the release of the Budget.

This one-day national forum of professional learning and presentations on financial, strategic planning, and quality matters (including matters relating to regulations and child assessment) is one not to miss! 

read more about the event, get your name on the delegates list, and enjoy attending this high profile event.  May be even make use of the opportunity of being in Wellington on Friday to stay-over for a weekend hoilday! 


What survival tips would you give to a beginning male teacher?

 "I am a beginning teacher. Any tips on how I can survive and not let the glances, laughs, the inquisitorial questions, and the sexist assumptions about my competency because of who I am as a male affect me?"

>  add your comment and read other answers


ANZAC Day with children - in NZ and in Australia

Here's a great source of information for busy people on what you need to know about the history etc of ANZAC day to answer children's questions, great ideas for appropriate activities, and not forgetting ... the ANZAC Biscuit Recipe!

> go to this online resource information and feel free to share any special activity you're planning to do with children to mark ANZAC day


When taking out Insurance can be costly

Under NZ's new Health and Safety Act it is illegal for an organisation such as a preschool to compensate individuals for any fine or to take out insurance to insure against fines.

Insurance policies cannot be used to pay fines or infringement fees imposed under the H&S Act,

People serving on early childhood service boards (e.g. for a community-based centre or home-based network), are not exempted and may be held liable - but the Act exempts the board trustees of compulsory schools.   

> get the essential information on the Health and Safety Act easily without leaving your chair by going to the ECE online article 


Important to know changes in parental leave requirements

Did you know that staff can now resign from their job if they have no intention of returning and still get paid leave? This means employers no longer have to hold open a position for a worker who does not intend returning after the period of paid leave.

Paid 'keeping in touch' days are now possible, allowing parents on leave to keep in touch with what's happening at their early childhood centre or other workplace

>  find out more


Children with Autism 

How often have you seen a child acting inappropriately in social situations, appearing to ignore what others say, or over-reacting to loud noises?

Children with such behaviours are often thought to be naughty or treated as a ‘problem’. Some early childhood services have policies that allow management to exclude children with disruptive problem behaviour. The real problem however may lie with our own lack of knowledge and understanding, as there may be a neurological explanation for the child’s behaviour, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

When teachers and childcare staff take time to find out how to identify and support a child with autism, teaching approaches are often brought into question and improved. In turn every child stands to benefit when adults make changes to meet the needs of a child with ASD in the group.

This article provides:

  • some ideas on what to do if you think a child might have ASD
  • the key signs of ASD,
  • practical tips and examples for parents and early childhood teachers on how to meet the needs of a child with ASD, and
  • links to further readings and helpful resources

>  Go to article


New Facebook page for ECE

Check it out https://www.facebook.com/childforum  The Facebook page will feature interesting stuff and conversations on relevant matters to all sectors in early education and care.   


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