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Early Childhood Alert, No 9, 2016


What to do during Floods

Conditions can change really quickly so be prepared for floods to occur at any time wherever you are located.    

> find out more, see early childhood guidance


Changes at the Top

Ministry of Education chief Peter Hughes is off shortly to take up a new post as State Services Commissioner. No news yet as to who will be in charge of Education. Peter has overseen a big spend of $19.5 million on fitting out new leased offices for the head office in Wellington including a reported average of $3,000 in office furniture per staff member and a $2.5 million staircase. As to what actual gains he has achieved for the early childhood sector, teachers, and young children, it's not immediately obvious. There has been some decrease in transparency of Ministry decision-making and denials of quality issues in ECE when raised, while there has been an appearance of an increase in the Ministry's control of the sector and parent choices. These are interesting times we are in.         

Children's Commissioner Dr Russell Wills will be replaced in July by the new Government appointed Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft. The key roles of the Children's Commissioner are advocacy and persuasion. Unfortunately, neither Russell nor the Commissioner before him (John Angus) had any luck in persuading the government to make changes that would benefit infants and toddlers in early childhood education, despite a huge amount of work by them and John Angus's release of a fairly damning report on non-parental care and education. There is high probability of little interest being shown in early childhood education by the Office of the Children's Commissioner in the near future as its role is changing to be primarily concerned with advocacy for children and teenagers in state care.  


Demand high for places at the annual post-Government Budget, ECE Managers and Leaders National Forum, Fri 27th May

Late registrations may be accepted should a reserved (non-confirmed) space/s open up. If you believe you have registered but did not receive a confirmation email on 4th May – please contact us  

> View the Agenda and check out registration information


Mother's Day this Sunday

The celebration can be broadened to ‘Special Person’ day for children who have a different special female person/s in their life.

>  Go to a great article with early childhood educator ideas for gift making, activities to provide for children and their 'mums', and tips


Calls for research papers

The NZ Research in ECE journal has issued an invitation to researchers in NZ and internationally to respond to a call for papers for:

1.  The forthcoming general issue of the NZRECE journal. The journal publishes research results, critiques, methodological papers and theoretical articles relating to children’s care, wellbeing and education in the early years (from conception and up to eight years of age).  As well as papers reporting original research, papers presenting diverse methodologies, critiquing research practices, or advancing thinking about how research is conducted and used are also welcomed. the closing date for submissions is 30th May 2016 (we suggest you let the Editor know if you are planning to submit a paper).

2.  A special issue on "Early Childhood Educators and their Work".  For the Special Issue, high quality papers relating to all aspects of early childhood educators and their work across practices, policy, training, and career paths are welcomed. Examples may include:  

  • Educators’ job satisfaction
  • Qualifications and early childhood educators
  • The demographics of early childhood educators
  • Attraction to the profession
  • The work conditions of early childhood educators
  • Indigenous and minority group participation in early childhood educational work
  • (Dis)ablility, gender, and age issues
  • Policies and management
  • Challenges and barriers for work in early childhood education

The closing date to submit your proposal/ abstract is 15 May 2016.

>  Click here to view copies of the Call for Papers and read more  


New children's picture book

IamNOTBaconcoverimageDelicate and moving the tale of Pedro the piglet, his mummy Rosie and the farmer’s little girl is told in a wonderful new children’s picture book by Carlie Mascelle from the Bay of Plenty (NZ).

This is a valuable book for young children because it tackles the difficult topic of how actions can affect the interests of others. The early years are a crucial time for the development of perspective taking, a skill that is harder to learn in later years and may never be learnt if not nurtured during childhood.

The book can also be used to support discussions with children about where bacon and meat in general comes from and how it is obtained. “I am NOT Bacon” enables all adults to have a good starting point to talk truthfully with children about this topic.

>  Read a review of this book and information on how to obtain copies 


New sample job description statement suited to a Centre Manager, Team Leader or Programme Co-ordinator position

A sample job description has been prepared in response to the request of a ChildForum member who is opening a new centre. It reflects latest changes in regulations and expectations e.g. for health and safety. It can be adapted to any service or senior position and provides a very useful and current template.

>  Go to sample policies and employment templates section on the ECE website


Is talking in front of a group of people - giving a presentation - something that you would like to be able to do well? 

>  Go to this fabulouly helpful article


Children choking on food 

Choking on food is not uncommon, especially among young children. Sadly, there have also been some deaths at early childhood centres and homes. Learn what you and your colleagues can do to help to prevent serious incidents and reduce the risk of a child choking.

>  Go to information  


Information on Wages in the Early Childhood Sector, Training Course Options, and Grants

>  Go to information 


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