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Early Childhood Alert, No 11, 2016

Workload, stress, injury and bullying issues

Information is now available on early childhood staff health and safety in the early childhood sector in a new report.

It's important reading!  The Health and Safety at Work Act requires employers (including ECE service providers and managers) to identify and better manage and reduce risks.

The report includes recommendations for what the Ministry of Education might do to help, and why it is important for children's learning and care that it gives attention to this. 

> Go to the news story which will take you to the information on staff injuries, stress levels, etc

> Stuff article by Laura Dooney in which Prof Bentley from Massey University said the figure for adult bullying in ECE workplaces could be a lot higher than what staff reported  


More Government spending on increasing participation

$397million more over the next four years (with $39million this year) to 'create' places for 14,000 more children as the government works toward its 98% participation target.  At the Early Childhood Management National Forum for service leaders on Friday in Wellington a participant asked how much its costing then per child - the answer $28,215.

>  Read more


Funding makeover  (due to huge interest across the sector we are including this notice again from Newsletter No.10) 

A big overhaul in funding, including the 20 hours ECE and other funding schemes has been expected for quite a few years.

Cost-driver surveys look to be a thing of the past as funding will shift away from contributing to costs and reflecting the size of the roll/child hours of attendance. There will be various positive and negative consequences for different ECE providers and groups, especially parent-led services at one end and at the other end the all-day teacher-led services with large roll capacity particularly if they have borrowed heavily to build new services. 

>  See also a series of articles ChildForum published when it was first indicated a few years ago that there would be an overhaul in funding


Matariki celebrations at ECE services

What is your early childhood service doing to celebrate Matariki?  Here's a link to a helpful article on the reasons for the celebration and history for teacher learning and sharing with children.  It gives lots of teaching and learning activities and ideas for making this culturally important event part of the early childhood curriculum.

>  Go to resource


Cough and cold medicines - problems and recommendations

What early childhood carers, teachers, and services need to know about these medicines and responding to parents' wishes for children to be given medicine.

> Go to article 


An effective way for ECE services to support better educational outcomes for children

A research-based proven programme can be implemented by early childhood teachers and it will make the world of difference for your children (though you may invite/ do it in conjunction with your local library and/or local primary school junior teachers).

The programme is widely acknowledged as one that works and has been rolled out to many schools - however not to very many early childhood services yet. The early childhood specific version of the programme is "Early Reading Together"(ERT).  The ERT programme is designed to be delivered in the form of 3 short workshops of 1 hour and 15 minutes spread over 3 weeks. At these workshops parents are given information and have opportunity to find out how learning language and reading seems from a child’s point-of-view and what they can do to best help a child.

Are you interested?

> Read more


Catching the eye this week...

Govt axes early childhood education parent support programme: Well actually, this was last week's news but there was so much else on last week that we didn't have time to let you know - sorry.  On the My ECE Facebook page:  "PAFT- the Parents as First Teachers' programme- has been canned by the National government that started it. Many early childhood educators will soon be out of a job. Parents who are struggling and have vulnerable children (often with multiple risk factors) will lose that valuable social connection they have with their home-visitor. Children will miss having their special educator see them at home"  > Follow the discussion on the My ECE post about this


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