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Early Childhood Alert, No 12, 2016

ECE Qualifications now with no compulsory practical requirements

Students living anywhere in the world can now gain an approved NZ qualification in early childhood education without stepping into an early childhood centre or being taught practical skills such as how to manage children's behaviour in a professional and caring way or how to make playdough and tell stories.  
This news has generated some vigorous discussion and debate.

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Children's violence and violent behaviour in ECE settings

Are you looking for readings and references on child violent behaviour and how to help children? You may be undertaking research, doing an assignment on this topic, or your service may be engaging in self-review and need some background and discussion materials.

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Mid-winter gift draw for ECE services joining the ChildForum Early Childhood National Organisation

To celebrate mid-winter Christmas we are delighted to tell you about a welcome gift for early childhood services being offered by NZ Childcare Finance and its general manager Lena Thomson. $100.00 will be donated to 5 early childhood services whose names are randomly drawn from services joining the ChildForum Early Childhood National Organisation between 1 June - Friday 8th July 2016. There are no catches. When your service takes out a membership and the membership is confirmed it will be automatically entered in the draw. Winners will be announced in ChildForum's newsletter later in July.

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Regulations and Rules Updates

First Aid qualification changes and providers of first aid qualifications for ECE people
Make sure you and the teachers (or home-educators) access the right qualification and refresher every two years. Some first aid standards will soon no longer count.

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Safety checking of centre owners, teachers, homebased educators, relievers, students, researchers, etc.
Did you know that from next month any person who may have access to children as part of their work, such as cleaners and cooks at early childhood services, must be safety checked in accordance with the Vulnerable Children's Act before being allowed to start work. The fine to the early childhood service of failing to do this is up to $10,000 upon conviction.
While it is a current requirement that all staff employed for the first time by a service in child care/ teaching roles (core children’s worker roles) are safety checked, this is not the case for service owners and operators.

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Licensing Criteria Changes for Early Childhood Centres
Did you know that nappy changing facility design and construction no longer has to maximise occupational safety and health for staff under the licensing criteria? Yet this goes against a finding reported in a national survey of staff health and safety in the ECE sector showing that back issues and constant lifting and handling of infants is one of the main causes of injury for staff. 

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Home-based ECE and Hospital-based services licensing criteria changes
Did you know that whereas it was okay to do a regular check (and it was up to the service how often this occurred) now the Ministry of Education requires that equipment, premises and facilities are checked for hazards on "on every day"?
This is one of the changes to the legal requirements for home-based and hospital-based ECE services that the Ministry of Education has made.

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Matariki celebrations at ECE services

What is your early childhood service doing to celebrate Matariki?  Here's a link to a helpful article with lots of teaching and learning activities for making this culturally important event part of the early childhood curriculum.

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Baking with children and going For ‘Slow Cooking’

Baking with children offers fun, social and yummy learning opportunities - and it can be nutritional and delicious too. Here's one approach to cooking - using a slow cooker. Especially great for winter morning brunches and lunches.

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It is Gifted Awareness Week!  (13 - 19th June)

If you are looking for information and articles on identification of giftedness in young children and supporting gifted children (parents and their educators) in early childhood settings see the links below.  

Research report: Views, teaching practices, resourcing and administration issues relating to gifted children in NZ early childhood education

Gifted Children in the Early Years: Feedback on a Survey of the Education of Gifted Children Under 8 Years of Age

Gifted in Reading? How to Identify the Gifted Young Reader and Provide a Responsive Learning Environment

Responding to Gifted Children: Information from Workshop Presentations

The Joy of Having a Young Gifted Child - A Parent's Experience


Call for participants for a feeding babies study 

Hello, we would like to invite you and your baby to participate in our Feeding Babies Study.  You will be asked to complete questionnaires about your baby's food and fluid intake and a dairy.  You will be provided with electronic scales, which you can keep at the end of the study.  If you think you might be able to help please contact Ashleigh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Or Dr Cath Conlon at Massey University on (09) 414 0800. 


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