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Early Childhood Alert, No 19, 2016

Employment issues
1. Holiday pay - entitlements and cashing up
2. Finding great staff without spending money on advertising

Financial planning
 3. How to raise revenue for your ECE service and worry less about money 

Physical environment 
4. It's time to spruce up the old sandpit or create a great new one 

Working with children
5. Should you ask a child to say "sorry"?
6. Accurately knowing children's learning from observation

Empowering parents
7. The My ECE website providing parents and whanau with info on services in their area

8. Breastfeeding support tips and advice in ECE
9. Asthma causes and what you can do in the ECE environment for children with asthma

New Research
10. Racism and whiteness scholarship in ECE 

11. Tenders and funding contracts 
12. Chinese Families Autism Support Group meeting
13. Brainwave Trust neuroscience extension training

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1. Annual leave

It's the time of year when often employers will let their staff know how much leave they have already used and what they have left. There can be questions, such as whether leave can be carried over to the next year or can the employer ask the employee to use it up.

> See our ECE service members' online information and discussion


2. Finding great staff without spending money on advertising

Are you planning to advertise for staff or having difficulty finding staff? Do you have no or very little budget to spend on advertising? Here are some solutions and various successful ways services find great staff without spending money, or very little money.

> Find out more by clicking here for the article 


3. How to raise revenue and worry less about money

Money is important and unless as much or more money is coming in than is going out an early childhood service does not return a profit or may not have money to spend on the things it values for children.

The big question is how can you remain financially viable but not let the dollar worry and control you?    

Read more online


4. Sprucing up the old sandpit or creating a great new one

One of the best clues as to how great an early childhood centre is for children's children's social life, physical development, and maths and science learning is the quality of its sandpit. How good is your sandpit?   

>  Pick up lots of great tips and proven ideas for sandpits and putting life into your old sandpit (ECE service members' article)

>  Teacher ideas for extending and developing sandpit play (information and discussion for all members)  


5. Should you ask a child to say "sorry"???? 

Some centres, educators and parents avoid telling a child to apologise, “we don’t ask children to say sorry”. This is a very interesting teaching practice to look at more critically and see the reasoning behind it.

> Go to article and discussion


6.  Accurately knowing children's learning from observations

Highlighting the problem of teacher bias an experienced educator described the difficulty of knowing how children learn in the following way: "When I think about it, I know how children learn through my observations of them. But what I see may be different to what another teacher sees. We have different personal lenses, experiences and training".

View the full article and read and add comments  


7.  My ECE parent website 

Parents are now able to access good information on childcare and early education options, add reviews and rate their early childhood service.

This is an awesome resource and service!  Make the most of it - make sure your early childhood service increases its presence and positive reviews.

> www.MyECE.org.nz


8. Breastfeeding support in ECE - check this information against your service to see if it is breastfeeding friendly

Early childhood services can be places that support breastfeeding, and the attitude of staff and teachers and what they do makes a big difference as to whether mums continue with breastfeeding. But often there is not time enough time to discuss questions such as whether there is a risk of babies being given the wrong bottle, whether it is okay for mums to breastfeed older children, or what to do if another parent protests about a mum breastfeeding or expressing milk at the centre.

Here are:

  • practical strategies for both families and teachers and caregivers,
  • video about breastfeeding in an early childhood centre context in NZ, and
  • quick pointers to what research and science has to say about breastfeeding and the value of breastmilk.

>  Read more


9. Asthma

Did you know that around one in four New Zealand children show signs of asthma at some time?  It's important for teachers to also have a good understanding of the causes of asthma, treatment and practical ways of supporting a child with asthma and his/her parents and caregivers. 

>  Read more 


10. Whiteness scholarship in ECE

New research published in the latest issue of the NZ Research in ECE Journal published by ChildForum shows that despite the best of intentions educators can reinforce rather than reduce the impacts of whiteness and racism. 

>  Go to the article by Melinda Miller


11. Tenders and funding contracts

a) The Ministry of Education is seeking suppliers to deliver supported playgroups in selected areas of NZ, including rural. This initiative offers the Supported Playgroup model as a child education option to a range of communities with limited ability to sustain a licensed early childhood education service. The closing date for expressions of interest is 17th Oct 2016. The ministry contact person for this is Anne Mohi (Ministry's Sector Enablement and Support Unit).

b) The ministry is also seeking suppliers to be responsible for the day-to-day oversight of its Engaging Priority Families (EPF) programme in selected areas of NZ. This is a government funded programme aimed at bringing parents on board and increasing the number of 3 to 4 year old children/tamariki from Māori, Pasifika, and low socio-economic status families/whānau involved in ECE, to provide on-going support throughout ECE and the transition to school/kura. The closing date for proposals is 17th Oct 2016.  The ministry contact person for this is Anne Mohi (Ministry's Sector Enablement and Support Unit).


12. Chinese Families Autism Support Group meeting

Robin Barnaby (Service Leader) and Abi Raymond (Arts Therapist) from IDEA Services will present the topic of playdates. The presentation will be interpreted into Mandarin.  Print copies of the presentation (in English) will be available.  Tuesday 18th October 2016 - 9:30am till 1:00pm, Pakuranga, Auckland. To book places email Tingting at Disability Connect This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


13. Brainwave Trust neuroscience extension training

NExt is a 2 day extension workshop design to further develop knowledge of the early years, for children’s health, development and wellbeing throughout life. The training will include an explanation of the biopsychosocial ecological model, including risk and protective factors and how these interact to influence development in childhood and in fact throughout life. The workshop will be held on 28 and 29th November in Wellington. Registration is $595.00 pp. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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