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Early Childhood Alert, No 21, 2016

Newsletter Contents

Two of the top cultural events/ traditions this month
1. Diwali
2. Guy Fawkes

ECE suppliers
3. Children's picture and reading books
4. Early reading programme available to ECE services

5. One teacher education provider doesn't back its own NZ ECE teaching degree
6. Clinton and Trump's presidential platforms on early childhood education
7. Busted - the belief that early childhood education the year before children start school will close gaps for disadvantaged children and families 

New research
8. Early intervention 

Event notices
9. Health and wellbeing - a two-day hui
10. The prevention of antisocial behaviour during early childhood lecture


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1. Celebrating Diwali or Deepavali, the Indian Festival of Lights

This celebration is a fun way to bring Indian music and culture to early childhood education and care settings. We recommend an article by Karen Miller for great ideas on participation and activities.

> Go to Karen's article


2. Fireworks and celebrating Guy Fawkes in Centres and Home-based Services

> Go to safety tips for children and teaching children also about safety for pets and animals

> Go to ideas for fireworks activities that are age-appropriate and background information on the history of Guy Fawkes


3. How about new children's books for Christmas?

High quality children's books are available at 15% discount from the Children's Books NZ website and can be delivered to you in time for Christmas.

> Take a look


4. Early reading support programme

Early childhood services and teachers can access now the Early Reading Together programme - it's research based and Ministry of Education endorsed. Get the parent workshop guide and resources and plan a workshop for the new year for parents to support them in learning the importance of reading with children and starting early.

> Learn more and get an order form 


5. Teacher education concerns 

Students are asked to take a gamble and study at their own risk by one private provider of NZ early childhood teacher education.

> Go to this news item


6. News from the US - Clinton's and Trump's presidential platforms on early childhood education 

Who would you vote for and why if you were voting purely on the two leading candidates' promises on early childhood education?

> Go to this interesting news story and add your comment 


7. Early childhood education in the year before starting school does not give disadvantaged children and working parents the boost advocates say it does

After reading the news item - would you agree that in NZ focusing on participation in ECE in the year before school is leaving it too late?

Is ECE participation and funding given too much attention compared to the impact of the quality of children's home environment?

Go to this news item and add your comment


8. New research - Early intervention 

Facilitative coaching aims to empower coach-ees by eliciting their inbuilt capacities as individuals and building upon these to achieve self-chosen goals. The practice is increasingly preferred in early intervention education settings, due to its strong alignment with family-centred approaches. The practice of coaching involves a shift in the roles and responsibilities of those working with children with early intervention needs. Specifically, coaching is a way of moving away from an expert, directive approach, toward one that facilitates and empowers adults working with the child day to day in natural environments. This has significant potential to break down historical imbalances of power between specialist practitioners, and families and educators. This paper utilises the elements of rules, community and division of labour (roles and responsibilities) from the conceptual framework of Activity Theory to provide an overview of the development of and potential for coaching in early intervention, focusing on the practice of the early intervention teacher.

>  Go to the NZRECE Journal Special Issue 2016 article by University of Canterbury researchers Helen Mataiti, Anne van Bysterveldt and Judi Miller


9.  Health and wellbeing hui

Mana Atua 2016 Hui - Health and Wellbeing symposium will be held on 25th -26th November 2016 at the Auckland University of Technology, North Shore campus.

Day 1 presents research on range of health topics in ECE, including mental and emotional health, nutrition and exercise, noise, indoor environments and sleep. The day concludes with a panel discussion focused on bringing the health and education sectors together in ECE. Day 2 is a workshop on Te Whariki-based approaches to health, disease prevention and indoor and outdoor design, as well a Healthy Heart Award programme presentation. The day concludes with an optional visit to Milford Kindergarten outdoor area. Registration is free at manaatua2016.eventbrite.co.nz


10. Lecture on the prevention of antisocial behaviour during early childhood, Auckland 7th November

Distinguished Professor Daniel Shaw is a clinical and developmental psychologist at The University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. He has been awarded a Fellowship through the Seelye Trust to present his longitudinal work on early indicators of child and adolescent conduct problems and psychopathology, and the interventions he has developed to address these problems.
Monday, 7 November 2016, 5-7pm. Room 003, Building 505, Level 0. 85 Park Road Grafton. This seminar is hosted by the Department of Psychological Medicine. No fee or registration is required.  RSVP for catering purposes, to Ranjeeni Ram: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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