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Early Childhood Alert, No 26, 2016

We have tried to keep this week's newsletter short. There is of course lots more on our website if you are looking to catch up on some good reading and professional discussions over the break.

If you have recently completed some research, or know of a student, teacher, or researcher who has then please take a moment to check the Call For Papers at the end of this newsletter and see the date for sending in article submissions.

Our office will remain open over the Christmas and New Year period to provide ongoing support and access for members and for new enquiries.

From the ChildForum team we wish you all the best for a fun and relaxing holiday break and a very Happy Christmas!!! 



1.  In the news this week - two stories for discussion

2.  Book giveaway winners

3.  A Christmas/New Year present for you from us

4.  Call for research papers and post-grad student research notes for the next issue of the NZ International Research in ECE Journal

5.  Rate and review your child's early childhood service


A couple of jokes to smile about:  

How many presents can Santa fit into an empty sack? Only one. After that it is not empty any more !!
What do monkeys sing at Christmas? Jungle bells, Jungle bells...


1. In the news this week

Services found to be non-compliant with regulations

Figures release by the Ministry of Education to the Dominon Post newspaper showed that 54 ECE services were operating on provisional licences as at August 2016. Many had breached a number of regulations, also including child-to-teacher ratios, and maximum child numbers.

ChildForum was told that the Ministry would not state the names of the services placed on provisional licences, citing commercial reasons. This seems rather odd when parents and the public have a right to know especially as it is a legal requirement for every ECE service to prominently display its licence, showing details of the type of licence and conditions for parents, visitors and others to see.

>  See the post relating to the article on our Facebook page

>  Find out more at the My ECE website about licence holding requirements including for display and types of licences


What is actually behind some services having staffing problems

The lobby group representing the business interests of some centre owners under the name of the Early Childhood Council is in the news concerning centres belonging to its members in Auckland struggling to recruit teachers.

However this has backfired on the lobby group. On social media qualified teachers are saying that its hard to get job interviews and jobs can be hard to find, especially at good centres - and Auckland is no exception.

Comments concern: the poor working conditions teachers face in these centres, corporate greed, centres where teachers don't want to work, staff turnover being a key indicator of poor quality, teachers being underpaid, and applicants who are cheaper - not qualified and not experienced being preferred.

>  Read more and add your comments


2. Christmas book giveway

> Find out the ECE services and teachers who have won a beautiful children's book by going to our news article


3. A Christmas and New Year present for you

Current members - we will give you one extra month of membership when you renew - that's 13 months for the 12 month price. If your membership is not yet due to be renewed you may still choose to purchase an extra 12 months membership and have 13 months added to your current membership period. 

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4. Call for research papers and post-grad student research notes for the next issue of the NZ International Research in ECE Journal   

The journal publishes research results, critiques, methodological papers and theoretical articles relating to children’s education, wellbeing and care in the early years (from conception and up to eight years of age).

Research relating to teaching and learning, pedagogical approaches, early intervention, parenting, child health, child safety, child development, and teacher/parent education are particularly welcome.

Papers examining a research method, an aspect of methodology, or contributing to the development of theory are also invited.

Shorter 'research notes' from post-graduate students reporting thesis and project research may also be considered.

> Find out more 


5. Rate and review your child's early childhood service

My ECE provides straight forward information for parents and whanau about early childhood services in their area and general information on quality ECE, child care, health, learning, regulations, codes, checklists, complaint and other forms.  

In the service directory, families can post their reviews and ratings and recommend their service to other families. 

Go to My ECE 


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