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Early Childhood Alert No. 2, 2017


1.  Was Government's policy for the 98% participation target in 2016 achieved?  Find out here

2.  $18 million Fund now opened up to some groups of teachers in ECE

3.  Online ECE member Forum for discussions, notices, questions

4.  Job interviewing

5.  Why is ECE so female-centric? 

6.  Assessments done on children at school entry

7.  Governance and management for community-based services

8.  ECE Provider Code of Conduct

9.  Disciplined teacher publicly named

10. Children attending more than 1 ECE service 

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1. The 98% participation target has driven funding decisions and so much that's happened in ECE

So was the target acheived?  And has it been worthwhile? 

> Find out - see news article


2.  $18 million fund now opened up to some groups of teachers in ECE

The Minister acknowledged one bias against the early childhood education sector in the education system last week and has said she will now allow some teaching adults who work in ECE to access an $18 Million fund.

> See online news article  


3. Online Forum for ECE discussions, notices, questions etc available 24/7

Check out the on-line individual member and ECE service discussion area at www.childforum.com  Add your questions, notices, job adverts, etc and join discussions on a huge range of topics and issues.


4. Are you interviewing for staff or do you have a job interview coming up? 

If this is for a job that includes contact with children, read this article for insight into:

  • what background checks are needed/ usually done,
  • what questions are commonly asked by the interviewers and good questions for the interviewee to ask, and
  • tips for the interviewee on how to prepare and impress members of the interview panel (e.g. what to wear) 

Go to job interview article


5.  Why is ECE so female-centric?

Because ...

>  Read and share this article published on Stuff


6. Assessments on children that are done on school entry

One of the most important things an early childhood service can do for its older children is to help them prepare for school. Shortly after they begin school new entrants will be assessed by their teachers. Knowing and understanding what schools are assessing children on and assessment processes helps early childhood educators to provide good early support.

Read and learn more


7. Governance and management for community-based services

Free member resources and information for services on handling a range of governance and management issues. 

For example:

  • Training and building governance capacity
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Good relationships between the manager/ senior person and board members
  • Building enthusiasm, commitment and getting the most out of your committee or board members

>  View  


8.  ECE Provider Code of Conduct

The standards of practice that early childhood services should uphold are outlined in this Code of Ethical Conduct. Guidelines are included for each standard.

> View and print a copy 


9.  Disciplined teacher publicly named

A teacher who pushed a child and the centre she works at were publicly named by the Education Council's Teachers' Disciplinary Tribunal.

Add your view on this to the article on My ECE Facebook


10. Children attending more than one ECE service or care arrangement

It is common for families to use more than early childhood service and for children to be in two or more care arrangements.

Learn how services manage this and read discussion of ways that educators and carers can smooth transitions and reduce problems.

> Go to article   


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