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Early Childhood Alert No. 14, 2017

Current topics and what's in this week's newsletter: 

  1. Teacher minimum wages up - Important information for ECE providers and employers
  2. Why would you want to be part of a Community of Learning (COL)?
  3. New teacher registration/ certification standards - use these for teacher appraisals
  4. Professional development budget transferred from Ministry of Education to ECANZ
  5. From a Member - About a Doctor's certificate
  6. Financial grants for men training for a recognised ECE qualification
  7. Transitions between and to ECE and Transition to School
  8. Activity ideas for over the school holidays

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1. Teacher minimum wage increase - Important information for ECE providers and employers

See the news story on wage increases and teacher wage/salary attestation.  Also information on kindergarten staff wage increase.

> Learn more


2. Why would anyone in early childhood education want to be part of the ‘Communities of Learning’ scheme?

There are many reasons why not to. But take a look at this information first.

> Find out here about the Why, What, and How to be part of a COL


3. New teacher registration/ certification standards

Teachers who have previously gained and maintained professional registration in order to practise as a qualified and registered teacher now need to use a new format to establish and maintain their registration status.

The new Code is binding on all teachers who hold a Practising Certificate, regardless of role or teaching context. All teachers and centres need to begin using the new Standards for appraisal as soon as possible, ahead of their complete implementation by 1 January 2018. 

>  Read more about the new Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession which has replaced the teaching criteria and code of ethics

>  Template for teacher appraisal

>  Template for centre managers and Home-based co-ordinators


4. Professional development budget transferred from Ministry of Education to ECANZ

On the 1st July Education Minister announced she was transferring responsibility for teachers’ professional learning and development (PLD) from the Ministry of Education to the Education Council of Aotearoa NZ.  What she didn't mention is that this did not include early childhood education and PLD for ECE remains with the Ministry of Education.  Why?  It has not been stated - but is not hard to guess.


5.  From a Member - About a Doctor's certificate

A doctor’s certificate for a child this week included a note at the end of it which read: "Drs have other things to do than write notes to certify children to resume school!!!!!!!!’ KINDLY CHANGE YOUR POLICIES.”

The certificate was for a child returning to the early childhood centre after a period of absence due to an infectious disease.
What are your thoughts about this? Perhaps the doctor was being perfectly reasonable - or maybe just having a bad day

> See the post about this on ChildForum's Facebook page (scroll down the Facebook page to find it)

> When parents insist on an unwell child attending


6. Financial Grants for Men training for a recognised ECE qualification

Award applicants may be based anywhere in NZ but must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be male.
  • Be born in NZ or have full NZ residency.
  • Provide proof of acceptance by a NZ public tertiary education institution into an ECE diploma or degree programme leading to a qualification recognised by the Education Council of NZ for working as a certificated teacher in early childhood education.
  • Be about to commence teacher education study or enrolled in a teacher education programme for not more than 60 days from the date of course commencement.
  • Not have applied for or been granted any other scholarship or grant other than a student allowance to assist with the costs of teacher training.

 > Learn more and download an application form


7.  Transitions between and to ECE and Transition to School

>  Children attending more than one ECE service - why and what teachers can do to support the child

>  Starting ECE and transition from home - strategies for helping settle children

>  What's important for parents when children are starting school

>  Running a transition to school programme at your ECE service 


8.  Activity ideas for over the school holidays

>  Making pet rocks

>  Watching planes and learning about geography via technology at your ECE service or home

>  Rhythm ribbons - ribbons for promoting physical activity

>  Introducing slow cooking and cooking yummy hot food

>  Going on a trip to the local library together 


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