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Early Childhood Alert No. 7, 2018


  1. Protecting the title of 'teacher' - 2 days left for submissions on a new bill before Parliament
  2. Funding changes and re-shaping of the ECE Sector 
  3. Complaints recorded by the Ministry of Education in 2016 and actions undertaken 
  4. The success of pro-gun childcare providers in NZ - How this came to be
  5. Pro-gun centres - see the list 
  6. Early childhood centres at shooting ranges? Do you support this
  7. Ideas for marking ANZAC Day with your children
  8. Ideas for promoting sport and teaching about the Commonwealth Games 


1.  Protecting the title of 'teacher' - 1 days left for submissions on a new bill before Parliament 

The intent of this bill is to lift the status of teachers by removing the ability of those who have not gained the recognised teaching qualifications from representing themselves as "teachers" by using that title. 1 day are left to give submissions. Submissions close on 13th April 2018.

> Go to Parliament website

> Read more: What's in a name?


2. Funding changes and re-shaping of the ECE Sector 

Last week we asked the Ministry of Education and the Minister some questions on the minds of many in our sector, following the public release of the terms of reference for the development of a 10 year strategic plan and a separate review of Home-based ECE.

The Ministry of Education has put our requests for documents that should be freely available through as a request for information under the Official Information Act which means it may be several weeks before the Ministry responds.

A promised telephone interview with Minister Chis Hipkins yesterday afternoon was cancelled the night before by his office.

As we get answers to the bigger questions that the reviews raise – we will share this with you.

In the meantime read an interesting little update about the Home-based ECE Review and the Strategic Plan

Read more


3. Complaints and incidents recorded by the Ministry of Education in 2016 and actions undertaken

In its March bulletin, the Ministry announced it would be finally releasing 2016 complaints and incident data, and would do this by the end of the week (before Easter).  It has not done so. A release of last year's 2017 complaint information would also be expected now.

Perhaps the Ministry is showing a stubborn side by not releasing its report following ChildForum reminding and asking for it to do so at the beginning of this week?  Or could Ministry staff be making changes to the report before release following criticism and public interest this week? Perhaps the 2016 report will be released before we go to bed tonight?

Read more:  Ministry failing its own standards by not releasing promised information
Article by Adele Redmond, Stuff
Article by Simon Collins, NZ Herald


4. The success of pro-gun childcare providers in NZ - How this came to be

Just before the Easter break and the arrival of the Easter bunny, an American PR company with an office in NZ issued a press release on behalf of the Evolve Group to say it would take the lead on gun education “in childcare centres across the country.

To know the mind-set and quality of the people who want children to learn about deadly weapons, you just need to look at what gun supporters say.

Ministry of Education deputy secretary Katrina Casey told the NZ Herald the ministry could not comment on "a commercial programme that we don't have any involvement with."

> Go to the full story


5.  Pro-gun centres 

Evolve Education Group, with brands that include ‘Learning Adventures’ and ‘Lollipops’ has declared itself to be pro-gun. 

There are others in ECE that agree gun use should be normalised.

See the list


6. Early childhood centres at shooting ranges - Do you support this?

Firing ranges across NZ could include early childhood centres. There would be potential health and safety concerns but it would be a legal activity. Providing childcare would help to make shooting ranges female-friendly and support the sport to be more gender inclusive.

Take a look at this article and add your comment if you agree (or disagree) with the comments that people have already posted.

> Go to article


7. Ideas for marking ANZAC Day with your children

Here's a great source of information for busy people on what you need to know about the history etc of ANZAC day to answer children's questions, great ideas for appropriate activities, and not forgetting ... the ANZAC Biscuit Recipe!

Go to online resource information


8. Ideas for promoting sport and teaching about the Commonwealth Games 

Learn great ideas of what you can do with children over the next couple of weeks and teaching that fits into the curriculum whariki.

Also, learn how the event can be used to support children in learning about goal setting, what it takes to engage in a sport successfully, and about the world outside of where they live.

> Commonwealth Games teaching and learning for under-sixes article


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