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Latest Early Childhood Alert No. 18, 2018

Before the weekend starts we thought it important to share news of the changes for home-based proposed by the Ministry of Education under the instruction of the Minister of Education.

Home-based is the only part of the ECE sector under review by the Ministry.

But the changes could have both positive and negative repercussions on what happens at other services.

For example, centres may lose a large number of qualified ECE teachers to homebased should teachers get as good as or better working conditions in home-based. If home-based services are required to provide separate financial accounts of income and expenditure for each licence, then it would be reasonable to assume that this may also become a requirement for kindergarten associations and all centre groups with more than one licence. 

Home-based educators and visiting teachers will be safer and learn how to take responsibility for their own health and safety should providers be required to provide training. What is good to see is that there are already centres and home-based services making use of excellent online training through EduSafe (and what's more you can access this at a special discounted price when your service is a ChildForum member).

There will of course be some big implications for the current home-based workforce. What will happen to the supply of home-based education when homes become recognised as places of business? Some educators may be living in rentals and property owners who previously may have been okay with a tenant caring for a couple of extra children may not agree to an actual licensed business being operated on the property. Could there be issues with Council approval for businesses to be run from homes zoned as residential?  On a positive note, should the changes go ahead, the Education Council will likely have pressure placed on it to recognise home-based educators who are qualified ECE teachers and allow them to maintain registration. 

Learn more. A Video on Facebook gives a quick introduction to the changes. The Video has already had more than 2,000 views and it can be shared.

Get more details on the proposals and the consultation by going to the following article: "What Happens to Home-based will Affect Us All"

Have a great weekend!
From the ChildForum National Office


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