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Latest Early Childhood Alert No. 20, 2018

Message from Sarah

We have a most exciting announcement to share with you. ChildForum is now host to NZ's first Early Childhood Education Public Discussion Forum!  We warmly invite you to take a look and make use of it.

I would personally like to make a big shout out to our many and absolutely wonderful members in ChildForum. Together we are all working for better quality early childhood education and care -  through our own practice, by doing research, through asking questions, helping others to become more aware of issues, and critiquing policy. 

Thank you for your support

Sarah Alexander
ChildForum CEO


Breaking News: Centre shut down after allegations of horrific abuse

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Discussion Forum

We've got a family that has racked up over $1,000 in unpaid fees and they have been ignoring my requests to catch up. Does anyone use debt collectors? Go to this discussion

How many learning stories should a teacher be doing a month? We've got 60 children on the roll and some only come 3 days a week. Go to this discussion

Kia ora koutou, what are some ways you promote positive social development in your tamariki? Do you use any particular programs and/or resources that you can share?  Go to this discussion

We were challenged the other day by a prospective client who asked if we pay all our staff a living wage. An idea we are considering but would like to know if we are alone on this or if others have committed to paying all staff at least at the level of a living wage. And have you encountered any problems? Thanks.  Go to this discussion.

Feeling gutted. :( I've been doing a lot of relieving work and short-term teaching jobs in between having two children. Now I've got a good job but have just learnt I'll have to do a refresher course and apply for provisional registration again. Is the course worth doing? Has anyone else kept working as a teacher but not done it? I'm worried I could lose my job if I lose registration. I really don't have the time and don't see why I should have to do a refresher course because its not like I haven't been working in ECE.  Go to this discussion.

Ideas wanted for messy play without the use of food products. So other cultures don’t feel uncomfortable with what we give children to play with. Also ideas for under-2s like babies. From a review from ERO they are saying it’s time to look at other materials for play. Go to this discussion.

IELTS Test too hard if we want diversity of cultures. One of our staff has got her NZ. Early Childhood Diploma of Teaching but is refused a chance to upgrade like all other NZers have had the chance to do. Our other teacher has got her NZ Degree in Early Childhood they have done everything they possibly can to get qualified getting as far as they could around the rule of 7 in IELTS. Thousands has been spent in tutors and doing IELTS tests but no luck. This teacher now only needs a few points in comprehension part of IELTS. They have been frozen out of being teachers by not being allowed to be provisionally qualified teachers till they get their IELTS I don’t think I could pass it. These staff members are paid minimum wages, while their work load is all that of a teacher for 4 or 6 years now. Even in Australia they are not so mean. Something has to give before they have no job at all when 100% qualified comes in. Go to this discussion

Fun Centre Manager Opportunity. Fame Preschool in Stanmore Bay welcomes applications from suitably qualified and experienced men and women who are able to develop strong relationships with all staff, children and families, and proven ability to lead and motivate a team to excellence. Go to this post in the Forum


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