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Latest Early Childhood Alert, No. 24, 2018

Editor's note

There are three key items this week: the draft Strategic Plan for Early Learning has finally been released for consultation, there is news on English language requirements for students and registering teachers, and a guide to maintaining funding for 20 Hours ECE when a service is closed for Statutory holidays. 


1.  Draft Strategic Plan 

Regulating for 80% qualified teachers will not happen until 2022, providing Labour forms the next government, yet 97% of teacher-led services are already on the 80%+ qualified teacher funding band.  Why the delay?

A 100% qualified teacher funding band will be introduced in 2022 with the goal that 60% of teacher-led services will qualify for this funding incentive.

Services with an adult-child ratio for under-twos of 1:4 or better would get a higher level of funding to cover extra staff cost.

> Keep reading to find out what else is in the Strategic Plan 


2. How to maintain funding over Christmas/New Year stat holidays????????

While some for-profit childcare chains are beginning to work now to maximise their Ministry of Education funding over the Christmas and New Year break, this can put other services unaware of how to do this or that it is even allowed, at a financial disadvantage.

Christmas and Boxing Days are on a Tues and Wed. New Year’s Day and New Year’s holiday are also on a Tues and Wed.

So for example, a child who attends full-time whose 20 Hours ECE are currently allocated as Tues 6 hrs, Wed 6 hrs, Thurs 6 hrs and Fri 2 hrs is changed to Mon 6 hrs, Tues 2 hrs, Thurs 6 hrs and Fri 6 hrs.  But there are conditions that are must be met!

Go to further advice in the link below.  We expect ChildForum members will read the advice, comply with the conditions and not breach funding rules.

Exploiting 20 Hours ECE funding


3. English language requirements

In a quick Facebook poll by ChildForum 79 percent of people voted YES to keeping an English language test requirement for foreign ECE teachers to get a practising certificate in New Zealand.

The Teaching Council/ Education Council is making changes, and these changes will be effective from the start of next year.

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