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Early Childhood Alert No. 1, 2019

Early childhood services around the country face challenging conditions as temperatures soar into the 30s!

Some services are discovering they have added problems such as sleep rooms that become stifling in hot weather and inadequate or not enough outdoor shade. But as Dr Sarah explains everyone is doing their best to keep children and themselves cool - you can read the news article here.

tick boxes - are you set up for 2019?When the heatwave passes you may feel like beginning to tackle things that need to be done at this time of year.

One of the joys of a holiday is coming back to work feeling refreshed and energised - which is just as well as often there will be a long list of things to do. Some of the things you are planning to get onto may be in the items shown below.  But also check the items below for things that you might not have yet thought of.

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1. Heat and sun

  • Latest news - early childhood services face challenging conditions as temperatures soar into the 30s in many parts of the country

Useful resources and guidance 


2. Returning to work and getting back into the swing of things


3. Waitangi Day 

Should Waitangi Day be celebrated with children in ECE services?  Yes?  No?  Give your opinion in the poll that is running this week

Are you looking for different activity ideas and inspiration for Waitangi Day?


4. Happy New Year: 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè)

2019 is the year of the pig. Pigs with their chubby faces and beautiful personalities are blessed with good fortune. 


5. Advice to share with parents when they are leaving their child for the first time


6. Promoting and marketing your service

My ECE website for parents
Request a listing on My ECE if your service has not already been recommended - go to My Early Childhood Education   
Parent to parent recommendations are what brings most business. Word of mouth is free!  To boost your service's rating, suggest to parents to post reviews at

Effective marketing ideas on a low budget
Are you doing the right kinds of marketing?  Learn what actually works for early childhood services that are successful. See the ECE collection of marketing tips and strategies - access the page here (available to ECE service members)  

Get free and positive publicity in the media
Find out how  - see our advertising, handling the media, and communications category page for more. 


7. Annual pay review 

Every employer in early childhood education will need to review staff pay.

As you know, the minimum wage is going up and employees will look at this increase and wonder if it is worth them staying in their current position if their wage is not much more and does not reflect their training, qualification, experience, and responsibilities.

Then there is also the fact that there is a strong labour market at the moment with high demand for staff in many industries - so you can't afford to lose staff to other employers in ECE or to primary teaching or other jobs.   

Teachers.  Here is advice for teachers.

Are you earning what you deserve?  No one else might help you, but you can do something to improve things for yourself  


8. Induction and mentoring of new teachers

What is involved?  How to set up a folder and what to put in - there is no need to buy a book on how to do this!   


9. ECE Scholarships

Applications for ECE training scholarships with TeachNZ close on 22nd Feb.

Applications for Men in ECE scholarships are open - applications can be made to ChildForum or find out more from EC-Menz


10.  Funding for promoting participation

A new round of grants of up to $100,000 (excl GST) are available and applications are being called for from service owners who want to open new services or increase the number of children in their existing services.


11.  Financial administration

Put good systems in place to reduce the risk of theft by trusted staff, parent volunteers and others.


12. Mandatory complaints procedure

Parents must be informed of the service's complaints procedure - this is a legal requirement.  Make sure all parents know what your  complaints procedure is and make complaint forms available to them to use at any time.


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