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Early Childhood Alert No. 3, 2019

New information with the names of early childhood services with licence breaches is to be released in the weekend. We will let you know. Keep an eye on the Early Childhood News page on our website and like our ChildForum Facebook page for notifications.


1. Where does it say that an EC service must obtain an immunisation certificate and do you have to make copies?

Should a service keep an immunisation register of what and when for each child?

Can you tell another parent which children are not immunised?

Can a child be excluded?

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2.  Is the following statement true or false? “The Health (Immunisation) Regulations 1995 impose on caregivers/parents an obligation to immunise their children.”

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3. Licensing criterion related to Measles

Four people in Canterbury with measles were fully immunised. Immunisation helps to give protection. Many children due to young age are not immunised and there are adults who are not fully immunised. 

Measles is a notifiable disease.  If a person contracts or is believed to have contracted measles this must be reported to your local medical officer of health.

Time between exposure and sickness: usually 10 days to onset and 14 days to rash. It is spread by coughing and sneezing. Also direct contact with the nose / throat secretions of an infected person. Symptoms: running nose and eyes, cough, fever and a rash. Infectious period from 5 days before until 5 days from onset of rash. Action to be taken: Report that there has been a case at your place to the local medical officer of health and exclude child/ adult for at least 5 days from onset of rash.

Contact the Communicable Disease staff at your local office for further information.  In Canterbury the direct phone number Communicable Disease Team is Ph: 03 364 1777


4. Discussion forum

On the cost of police vets, Amanda's made the point that "the size of the organisation does not dictate the number of police vettes requested during the year. If you run a homebased ECE service, you are required to vette, not just the applicant but all adults over the age of 17 in the home, but regular visitors as well. I am in complete agreement with this ruling, as it helps to keep children safe. However that means for each prospective educator we think about accepting there are at least two and often four police vettes required. It does not take long to get over the limit of 20 free. This year we are faced with the prospect of about 400 re-vetting applications as the ones for the educators and their family expire. This is not a situation that many centre based services face. This is a growing cost for the lowest funded ECE sector."

Your views are important to know and to add to this issue

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5. St Patrick's Day

Green is linked with nature and hope and on St Patrick’s Day people wear green and often wear badges or hats with shamrock symbols on them.

Another Irish tradition associated with St Patrick’s Day is the story of the Irish fairy or leprechaun.

Leprechauns look like small old men with a crooked hat and an apron. They are believed to be mischievous and pass their time making shoes. It is believed you can find a leprechaun by listening for the sound of their hammer and if you catch one they will lead you to a pot of gold.

You will need to be quick though, as leprechauns are said to disappear if you take your eyes off them !

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6. Early Childhood Service Excellence Awards  

Let your parents and families know to go online to to add their review and rating. Word of mouth through online reviews is one of the best forms of promotion - and its free. To increase your service's rating at least 5 highly positive recent reviews are needed (or 10 for large services) 

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