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Early Childhood Alert No 9, 2019

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Rise in minimum wage rates for certificated teachers in teacher-led centres

It is no secret what the new wage minimums to be announced by the Ministry of Education are likely to be. 

> Get the wage rates and find out more here  


Matariki 25 - 28 June

Are you looking for inspiration and different ideas for celebrating the Māori New Year? 

> Go to early childhood Matariki teaching article  


Picky eaters

meal timesAre one or more of the children a picky eater?  

Meal times have the potential to be very stressful occasions. Some children may display anxiety and unhealthy eating habits when they begin early childhood education, others may display behaviours at different times that you are wondering if these are normal, and what to say, do and change.  

This article covers:

  1. The teachers/ carers role in providing for a range of children's food preferences and eating behaviours
  2. Expectations for children's eating in the preschool years and normal variation in habits and food interests
  3. Discussion about food anxiety and responding to concerns a parent may have for their child
  4. Dietary and value/cultural requirements
  5. Teaching strategies and approaches
  6. A summary of the main points to remember

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Kōhanga Reo to receive a $32 million funding boost

It is a start for kōhanga reo but there's still a long way to go to fix the huge inequity in funding and treatment of kōhanga reo.  
* $21.4m to increase pay rates for kaoako and kaimahi (workers) to $20.00 by 2021 which is the level of the government promised minimum adult wage level. And pay volunteers working in roles that would normally be paid. 
* $2.5m for urgent improvements to the trust and kōhanga reo ICT capacity
* $8.5m for addressing issues with some kōhanga reo buildings


National Managers and Owners forum last Friday

A huge thank you to our hosts Avind and Aarti Lal, owners of Little Feet Childcare in Mangere and their beautiful team of teachers and staff.  Thank you for welcoming us so warmly to your lovely centre and awesome new conference facility.   

The day came together well. The food was yummy and freshly made and delivered. While a number of apologies were received due to staff sickness and unexpected events, and while it was raining and there were plane delays especially for people from the South Island, we noticed that by lunch-time of the more than 150 chairs there were not many empty chairs left. 

There was fabulous sharing and learning and great conversations. Tony Alexander (BNZ Chief Economist) set the scene with his most engaging and informative talk on the economy.

Three wonderful ECE services were presented with awards of excellence (more about this soon).

Keynote addresses by Dr. Wendy Boyd (Australia) and Dr. Mary Moloney (Ireland) gave us lots of food for thought and insights.

A highlight was hearing from 4 different service providers/ representatives about particular aspects of best practice and challenges they were meeting for improving child outcomes. 

Introductions to issues in service financing and in workplace safety for adults were provided by NZ Childcare Finance and Edusafe

The Budget announcements were underwhelming for early childhood education and we talked about this. Ministers and the Education Ministry speaker were unable to make it on the morning.  So we will be emailing participants shortly regarding questions they would have asked and compile a set of questions to ask the Ministry.   

A report on the forum is also being prepared and will be available soon from our ChildForum website along with photos from the day.  


New research - Embedding parents’ perspectives in the discourse for quality education and care

The perspectives of teachers and people who work with young children on quality rarely feature in policy and the perspective of parents on quality is absent.

The purpose of this research is to understand better what parents value most for their children, align these with the priorities of teachers/ practitioners and co-construct a mutual value base to underpin practice.

The notion of creating a mutual vision is mirrored throughout the process of this research, by working as a community of practice through sensitive discussion and reflection.

Bailey, Emma. & Solvason, Carla. (2019). Embedding parents’ perspectives in the discourse for quality education and care in the early years. NZ International Research in Early Childhood Education Journal, 22(1), pp. 59 – 71. Retrieved from 

Journal Editor
Dr Wendy Boyd, Southern Cross University


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender staff

This article provides perspectives and tips to help team members and employers in ensuring inclusive practices and a respectful and safe workplace. 

> Working with LGBT teachers


Job interview questions and preparing for an interview

This article covers: what checks are likely to be done, interview questions, questions interviewees might consider asking, preparation tips and ways to impress and get the job.

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Non-contact time entitlements

Entitlements to non-contact time and issues for staff and employers.

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