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Early Childhood Alert No 11, 2019


  1. News article: Top award for a truly ‘community’ based successful preschool
  2. Funding and teacher pay - Important information - Please Share
  3. Manager and employer advice and information
  4. Free access to ECE Research
  5. Deadline for new research papers


1. Top award for a truly ‘community’ based successful preschool

It is common for community-based centres to struggle due to resource issues but one preschool has found a way through and sees only a positive future ahead.

What is it doing to be successful? Find out here and give its team your congratulations 


2. Funding and teacher pay - Important information - Please share 

From today, 1 August 2019 the Ministry of Education has increased by just 22 cents an hour or 1% the minimum wage rates of teachers who hold a teaching degree and work in teacher-led ECE centres that are not free kindergartens. (see the new attestation rates for funding for qualified and certificated teachers here).   

Home-based ECE which is also a teacher-led service is not even funded at a level to support attestation of teacher wages.

Clearly the Ministry of Education views teachers in ECE as servants and not as professional teachers unless they work in an ECE service owned by a kindergarten association.

The Ministry has found/ agreed to an additional $75 million in funding for kindergarten associations, enabling its staff to maintain parity with primary. 

Sign the petition started by an early childhood teacher that calls for Pay Parity for all ECE Teachers

> Go to the petition here

Catch up on presentations at the ECE Teacher pay meeting held on 14 July 2019 in Wellington

> Watch here

Get facts and read views 

A Solution Toward Making Faster Progress to End Pay Discrimination against ECE Teachers

> Cost Analysis: Can centres afford to pay teachers more?

> National Survey Results: Sector views on ECE teacher wage rates set by the Ministry of Education and on pay parity with teachers in primary schools/ kindergartens

> Anna Ryder: "We pay our teachers above MoE rates and would love to pay our teachers more"

> Bethany O'Hagan: "Ask an early childhood teacher why there is a teacher shortage and we can tell you"

> Karen Girvan: "The pay realities for teachers when moving from a kindergarten setting into another community ECE setting"

> Hugo van Stratum: Pay disparity, profit making, fair treatment and advocacy for a unified pay scale

> Janet Dixon: "Investing in teachers is investing in children - our future leaders"

Also see

> The new attestation rates from 1 Aug 2019 that centres must agree to paying all certificated teachers in return for receiving higher rates of funding

And also see

> Answers to the 20 Funding questions we asked the Ministry on behalf of service owners and managers


3.  Manager and employer advice and information

Now available for all our ECE Service members

Internal evaluation, what it is, what you need to do, and how to get a good ERO review

Internal evaluation

Policy tips and guidance on preventing 'escapes' including children running out of the service without their parent/ caregiver, children going home with the wrong person and keeping children safe and secure at your service

Child security policy and procedures

Birthday cakes to celebrate children's birthdays - what does your service do? Find out here how other services manage this and alternatives to consider.

>  To ban or not to ban birthday cakes and options


4. Free access to ECE Research

Free access to research on a huge breadth of ECE topics that is actual research by NZ and International researchers

> available now to all our individual and ECE service members - view a full list of free access articles here 


5.  Deadline for new research papers

The deadline is fast approaching for submissions to a special NZ-International Journal issue on "Teaching in Early Childhood Settings" 

For this special issue, high quality papers relating to "teaching in early childhood settings" are invited.

Teaching in the early years is a contested space, including defining what constitutes effective teaching, what must be taught, how, when and why.  So we welcome papers from different perspectives and on various aspects, including:    

  • Characteristics of quality teaching
  • Pedagogical approaches in early childhood teaching
  • Teaching different groups of children and interests/ abilities (e.g. boys, girls, infants, gifted and talented children, children who are migrants, etc.) 
  • Factors that affect teachers and their teaching
  • How teachers' experiences of teaching may be affected by their characteristics (e.g. age, gender, own childhood upbringing) 
  • Educational policy influences on teaching 
  • How aspects of the stated curriculum are reflected in teaching practices
  • Historical aspects of or changes in early childhood teaching.

> Find out more about the Special Issue and article submission


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