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Early Childhood Alert No 13, 2019


  1. A tree fell in an early childhood centre and everyone listened - why
  2. Foster an orphan lamb
  3. Children screaming - What did you say? I can’t hear you. I’m cuddling a circular saw!
  4. News:  Exploitation of unqualified teaching staff 
  5. Ngā tikanga ki roto i te mahi - Tikanga in Practice
  6. The code that is binding on all teachers and the standards applicable to every teacher who holds a Practising Certificate
  7. Father's Day this Sunday 


1. A tree fell in an early childhood centre and everyone listened - why 

A tree fell on children in an early childhood centre and for the first time ever Worksafe has just successfully prosecuted an ECE service.
No child died, four were injured and one adult, but this raises the question as to why a prosecution in this instance and not for other very serious events.
Find out here:

  • What the reasons were.
  • Other issues, including endorsement by an early childhood business council lobby group of a service with a poor history of compliance  - many of the service's centre licences have been downgraded by the Ministry of Education and often several times.
  • As a service provider or as someone working in the sector find out here what the important take-home messages from this are
  • There are also links to other good articles and resources you could make use of 

 Go to the new story here 


2. Foster an orphan-lamb 

lambs small

Advice here covers:

  • Curriculum, health and exercise benefits of fostering or adopting a lamb
  • How to get a lamb
  • Agreements for fostering
  • What to do and things to get before the lamb comes to your service
  • Day-to-day care and feeding needs of a lamb
  • Child and adult hygiene
  • Training/ teaching the lamb
  • Regulations and requirements

> Go to the article that is available for all current ChildForum members


3. What did you say? I can’t hear you. I’m cuddling a circular saw!  

Who would have thought a child screaming is a health and safety hazard in Early Childhood Education?

Learn more by going to this new article just published in our advice and research collection on Noise management and control in ECE


4. News:  Exploitation of unqualified teaching staff 

The workload and expectations placed on unqualified teachers by employers has risen to an unacceptable level. Unqualified teaching staff commonly work for the minimum adult wage of $17.70 an hour, or slightly above. They can also be expected to take on the responsibilities of teachers, and even head teachers due to service providers either not being able, or willing, to take on a qualified teacher for the role.

> Go to more


5. Ngā tikanga ki roto i te mahi - Tikanga in Practice 

“Often changes for incorporating Tikanga in Practice that have been discussed, debated, worked out, and agreed upon as a collective don’t eventuate into practice. It often feels like participants come to the workshops as a part of a box ticking exercise – e.g. observing colleagues continue to sit on tables, place shoes or hair ties and hats on tables or benches where Kai is sometimes placed, using a chair to place food plates on, finding shoes in the hat basket, observing teachers straddle tamariki stretchers, or doing the laundry all in together. When we have had discussions about how tikanga helps to make meeting regulations so easy, yet the changes are not forthcoming.
“For me I believe once we have been made aware of and been enlightened as to the why and how of these aspects of tikanga we should be putting into practice the changes required to uphold the mana and wairua of the culture, for the wellbeing of the centre, nga tamariki, Whānau, our community and Āotearoa."

????Love this article by Wendy Rameka - thank you Wendy for making time to share your journey and preparing this guidance for carers, teachers, and managers.

Read the full article here


6. The code that is binding on all teachers and the standards applicable to every teacher who holds a Practising Certificate

We understand that the information in this article continues to be actively referred to at team planning meetings, appraisal workshops and kindergarten teacher meetings. That would explain why it has had over 20,000 hits/ views.

Go to: Our Code, Our Standards


7. Sunday is Father's Day  

Make use of the ideas and activities for under-6s in ECE including what gifts are great to make and work well  

Father's Day ECE celebration and activity guide


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