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Vaccination News and our regular Early Childhood Alert No 15, 2019


  1. Be prepared on Monday morning to cope with changes in children due to daylight saving
  2. Amazing Honeybees all the buzz in early childhood education
  3. Press Release:  MMR vaccine needs to be available to early childhood teachers National’s Early Childhood Education spokesperson Nicola Willis says 
  4. Health immunisation regulations (staff and children), ECE service record keeping, privacy and discussion on keeping children safe
  5. Vaccination requirements and the updated National Immunisation Schedule to Age 5
  6. New Research: An occupational risk in ECE - can caring too much lead to unhealthy levels of stress and teacher burnout?


1.  Be prepared on Monday morning to cope with changes in children due to daylight saving

When clocks are moved forward an hour this can make a difference to children's behaviour and safety.  Discuss with parents and within staffing teams what the possible effects are and plan to be ready to mitigate these

>  Go to information on how daylight saving affects young children and what teachers and parents can do to support children 


2. Amazing Honeybees all the buzz in early childhood education

Is building type or location relevant to the quality of an early childhood education centre? Some people say it is.

But Honeybees Preschool proves that being wedged between corporate offices in a commercial building opposite the Sky Tower on a busy Auckland central street is no impediment to providing quality for children and parents.

> See news story 


3. Nicola Willis, National's spokesperson for ECE, is calling for the Government to expand the priority guidelines for measles vaccines to include early childhood education teachers 

The Minister should make the MMR vaccine available to early childhood teachers so that our most vulnerable children are protected from the risks of measles, National’s Early Childhood Education spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

“Children under five are the priority for receiving the measles vaccine across the country because they’re the most vulnerable to the risks of the disease.

“Many ECE teachers will belong to the cohort of adults who are significantly less likely to have received an MMR booster when they were children, because these weren’t introduced until the 1990s.

“Measles combines being both serious and being highly infectious. Some young children who may be immuno-compromised and attending early childhood facilities could be put at risk if their teachers aren’t protected.

“There’s no sense in vaccinating only under-fives and not the adults who come into contact with young children every day.

“Julie Anne Genter hasn’t acted fast enough on measles and has been dismissive of the both the scale of the outbreaks and the scale of the vaccine shortage.

“But vaccinating early childhood teachers would provide even more safeguards for the hundreds of thousands of under-fives who attend early childhood facilities every day.

Go to the full press release

> See also this article on Stuff "Unvaccinated daycare staff posing serious measles risk to babies, mum and experts say"


4. Immunisation Regulations for children and staff, ECE service record keeping, privacy and discussion on keeping children safe

Information for ECE service managers on:

  • Immunisation Certificates
  • Keeping an immunisation register
  • Can a parent or caregiver refuse to provide information regarding immunisation status?
  • Can a teacher or staff member refuse to provide information to the ECE service manager regarding immunisation status?
  • Excluding children - policy and practice
  • Confidentiality
  • Staff immunisation register - should your service have one?
  • Further articles and resources

> Go to the full information and advice for ECE service members


5. Vaccination requirements and the updated National Immunisation Schedule to Age 5

Information for all parent, teacher, researcher, policy, and ECE service members on:

  1. Vaccination availability
  2. Safety
  3. Attending an Early Childhood Service and Starting School
  4. The Immunisation Debate
  5. Children with Immune Deficiencies
  6. Flu Vaccine for Children at Increased Risk of Infection
  7. Vaccination Timing
  8. The NZ National Immunisation Schedule to Age 5 years and the Diseases Covered (applies from 1 July 2019)
  9. Do caregivers/parents have a legal obligation to vaccinate their children before attending an early childhood service in NZ and can an ECE service turn a non-vaccinated child away? 

 > Go to this information and advice here


6. New Research: An occupational risk in ECE - can caring too much led to unhealthy levels of stress and teacher burnout?

Take a look at this new research paper by Angela Hodgkins, published in the NZ-International Research in ECE Journal:  "Advanced empathy in the early years – a risky strength?

Teachers spend time getting to know children and families and they utilise their emotions when reflecting on their working relationships. They pick up on unspoken signals which may indicate a child’s discomfort, resulting in a more child-centred experience. However, the emotional necessity of the work, and the use of advanced empathy skills also contributes to practitioner stress, which impacts negatively on their lives.

> Learn more, find out what strategies teachers use to cope emotionally, and what support is useful for them


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