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Funding notice

The January "Early Childhood Alert' newspaper which has many items of news and interest in itis available to print copies for your staffroom and share with colleagues, go to it here.


In this notice

  • Funding increase from 1 January 2020
  • Scholarships for teacher training
  • Funding reminders from the Ministry of Education


Funding increase

The new funding rates for ‘kindergartens’ owned by Free Kindergarten Associations are:


RATES FROM 1/1/2020




80%+ certificated teachers




50-79% certificated teachers




25-49% certificated teachers




0-24% certificated teachers




Further increases in kindergarten funding rates are scheduled for 1 July this year, and July 2021.

Is your service funded at this level? 

It could be. Get a copy of the funding and undertaking form here.

The kindergarten rate includes adjustments for teacher salary increases, enabling employers to pay their teachers on par with colleagues in primary and school schools. 

As noted in a recent NZ Herald article,  it is untenable to continue to pay highly skilled and qualified teachers in ECE less when they are doing the same job as teachers in kindergartens, and meet exactly the same professional standards as teachers in schools.

All teacher-led centres used to receive salary component adjustments in funding to account for costs arising from the Kindergarten Teachers Collective Agreement (KTCA). However, from 2010/11, because it did not have the assurance that other services were paying salaries at KTCA level, the government decided it would pass the higher rates on only to kindergartens. If you disagree with this and believe your service can be trusted to pass on funding – go to more information here. 


ECE Teacher Training Scholarships

Do you know someone who would you like to have a $10,000, $15,000 or $30,000 allowance for training to be an early childhood teacher in NZ plus course fees paid? Applications for the current round are closing very soon.

Also on offer is a Men in ECE Invitation grant.

Further information is available here


Funding Notice from the Ministry of Education

10 Feb – final date for services to submit returns

2 March - money will be paid overnight to services

The March 2020 payment includes: wash-up funding October 2019 to January 2020, and advance funding March to June 2020

Funding notices are mailed to services on the payment date. The Ministry does not provide confirmation of payment amounts prior to this date.

New record keeping requirement for discretionary hours

Services are also required to submit a record of the total number of discretionary hours they have used, during this funding period to the Ministry. If no hours were used, then no submission is required.

Changes to declaration wording on funding forms 

This is a reminder that amendments have been made to the declaration wording on funding forms. The improved wording will help to provide greater transparency, and help ensure that the submitter understands their obligations and certifies to the best of their knowledge that the information provided is true and accurate. The new declarations will apply for the March 2020 payment.

Submissions and Processing

Paper RS7 forms will be sent to services not using ELI. If you are posting your paper RS7 Return, please see the NZ Post website for delivery times to ensure that it will be returned in time. 

Electronic submissions are processed overnight and received by the Ministry the following day. The Ministry will send you an email confirming that we have received your RS7. Note that no confirmation emails will be sent out during weekends. You should also receive confirmation from your SMS that your RS7 has been submitted successfully. If you are unsure, please contact your SMS provider. 

SMS Users: Please ensure you have a user who is set up to submit RS7s and will be available during the submission dates of 1-9 February. This will ensure your RS7 Return is submitted on time for the 2 March 2020 payment. If you have changed your SMS, or undergone a change of ownership during the funding period, you may need to submit some or all data via paper RS7 Return.


ChildForum is a non-partisan national organisation that provides leadership to the early childhood sector 

Founded in 1988 to support the development of a research culture and an evidence-based approach to ECE, ChildForum expanded to become a national body and is today the go-to organisation on all matters to do with early childcare and education.

ChildForum identifies issues, asks the hard questions that others may be afraid to ask, and inspires change that benefits children, teaching staff, service owners - and society.

  1. It advocates for safe and high-quality care and education for children prior to starting school.
  2. It keeps members of the ECE sector, public agencies and stakeholders up-to-date and informed of issues, news, and research.
  3. It supports ECE services with expert advice and articles (written in plain language) on the full range of areas including: management, funding and financial matters, policies, teaching and learning, working with families, childcare practices and child health.
  4. It has the biggest knowledge base on early childhood education and care practice and policy in NZ and is continually growing the knowledge base.

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