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Notices 6 March 2020

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No child 0 - 9 years is known to have died from Covid-19.

This quick to read article includes:

  • Advice for parents using an early childhood service
  • Since the virus is rare among children why should we in early childhood education in NZ be concerned?
  • What are relevant regulations already in place for ECE services?
  • Hand washing and drying checklist
  • Discussion topics for staff teams and parents (gloves when changing nappies, physical contact, encouraging persistence with hand washing, and positive approaches to teaching and learning) 

> Go to the ECE Coronavirus fact sheet and thinking points


2. The NZ Parent’s Guide to Childcare & Education Services (Birth to 6 Years)

A new 2020 edition of the Guide is now available.  It is free! 

Share this with parents and colleagues.  Add the link to your website, for current families and potential new families enrolling.

Topics covered are: 

  • Making a Start to Getting Your Ducks in Row
  • What is Early Childhood Education and Early Learning? 
  • Personal Options for Childcare and Early Learning
  • What Children Need 
  • The Licensing System 
  • ECE Services
  • A Sample of Concerns Parents Can Have When Deciding to Use ECE or Not 
  • Costs and Financial Assistance 
  • Beginning your Search 
  • My ECE Checklist for Choosing an ECE Service
  • What makes up Quality ECE 
  • The My ECE Code of Children’s Rights in Early Childhood Education and Care 
  • The Benefits and Risks of ECE for Children 
  • Education Curriculum: Te Whāriki 
  • Key Teacher / Primary Caregiver 
  • Preparing for Take Off 
  • Looking Out for Your Child 
  • Speaking Up When Something is Wrong 
  • The Code of Ethical Conduct for Early Childhood Services 
  • It’s a Feeling… Knowing it is Right 

> Read it online here


3. Last chance to get your form in to indicate if your service is one that supports pay parity for its teachers (in return for funding for this)

If your service is not a free kindergarten and is not already funded at the higher kindy rate, then take up the opportunity now to say your service is one that can be trusted to use funding as intended for teacher salaries to provide pay parity.

Get a copy of the form, have your service owner or board chairperson sign it, and return it to us. 


 ChildForum is a non-partisan national organisation that provides leadership to the early childhood sector 

Founded in 1988 to support the development of a research culture and an evidence-based approach to ECE, ChildForum expanded to become a national body and is today the go-to organisation on all matters to do with early childcare and education.

ChildForum identifies issues, asks the hard questions that others may be afraid to ask, and inspires change that benefits children, teaching staff, service owners - and society.

  1. It advocates for safe and high-quality care and education for children prior to starting school.
  2. It keeps members of the ECE sector, public agencies and stakeholders up-to-date and informed of issues, news, and research.
  3. It supports ECE services with expert advice and articles (written in plain language) on the full range of areas including: management, funding and financial matters, policies, teaching and learning, working with families, childcare practices and child health.
  4. It has the biggest knowledge base on early childhood education and care practice and policy in NZ and is continually growing the knowledge base.

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