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Early Childhood Alert 5 May 2020

In this newsletter

  1. Should your service still be closed but planning to re-open in the coming week
  2. How to review your systems easily to get the required evidence that your service can safely increase bubbles to 20
  3. Just released an excellent new resource - The ECE Employer's Guide
  4. Online session for ECE service owners and employers with Economist, Tony Alexander 
  5. 10th May Mother's Day
  6. Sandpits - while the sandpit is off-limits to children take the opportunity to give it a complete make-over and make it the most brilliant sandpit of all ECE sandpits


1. Should your service still be closed but planning to re-open in the coming week

Click on the following link to read a centre's draft operating procedures, which you are welcome to use as a template in preparing your own service's operating procedures.


2. Before increasing your bubble to 20

After 5 days of operating with bubbles of up to 10 children, centres wishing to increase bubble size to 20 are asked by the Ministry of Education to first do an evaluation of their systems. 

The easiest and less time-consuming way to meet this requirement is to undertake a basic internal evaluation; this will allow you to systemically evaluate practices to ensure nothing is missed. It is not necessary to delve into a significant and time-consuming internal evaluation, however it is necessary to ensure that this is done in a way that covers all areas of public health advice. 

> Go to the guidance and also here you can get the pdf copy of the review checklist for your team to use


3.  The ECE Employer's Guide - comprehensive up-to-date new resource now available 

The guide for service providers, managers and leaders tells you what you need to know, to do things right, and to help you avoid making mistakes.

It outlines the minimum practices required by law and also outlines what you can do beyond required practice to achieve best practice and be outstanding.  

The ECE Employer's Guide has been prepared for teacher-led services. But there is also much in it that will be useful for parent-led services that employ staff and all services that have responsibilities for the safety and conditions experienced by volunteers and students.

Available now, go the ECE Employer's Guide by clicking here


4.  Online session with economist Tony Alexander

We are considering organising a 1 hour session with Tony Alexander, and this would be free for ECE service owners and managers.

RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Include your name, email, the name of your service, and state 'RSVP to economy session'.  No further details need to be included in your RSVP and no questions please. 
Please check that your organisation is a member first and if it is not then go to the membership page here.  


5.  Mother's Day - 10th May

Support children in making their gifts and cards, and by sending a message out to 'mums' (special person's in children's lives), to say 'Happy Mother's Day'.

> Refer to our ECE Mother's Day guidance with ideas and tips


6.  While the Sandpit is off-limits give it a full make-over

Inspiration and guidance available:

What makes for a good sandpit (design considerations etc)

> What to include to ensure it becomes a great social hub for children and for their learning

> Health, hygiene and safety issues and what to do for management


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