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Early Childhood Alert, 24 June 2020

Public notices

1. Today (Wed 24 June) the Ministry of Education will be in front of Parliament's Regulation Review Committee (again) to explain if the regulations on centre staffing are clear for our sector and the public to understand (or not). The Guidance provided to ECE services by the Ministry is its own interpretation of the law, and is not the law itself. The issue therefore is whether a person who reads the regulations can work out easily without reference to the ministry's guidance:

  • how many staff must be on site
  • the qualifications those staff must have
  • can the centre be open at any time without any ECE trained staff.

Catch up here on the background story and how it has got to this point


2. New owners of ECE services, new staff, parents and new entrant primary school teachers - what do you know about early childhood services providing a curriculum?  On discovering that we have a curriculum, questions may arise such as: Why do we need a curriculum for children so young?  What's in the curriculum?  Is maths, science, and reading taught?

For those of us who are implementing the curriculum, we need to know what to check in order to tell if we are implementing Te Whāriki right and how we may improve on what we are doing.  Read, share the page link, and discuss the information which you can find here  


ECE teams and providers (members)

Just published and now available for your use:

1. Regarding the funding increase and what impact pay raises will have on each centre - providers are responsible for ensuring that they can afford staff pay rises and they are responsible for meeting the Minister's wish that they spend the 2.3% increase in funding on staff pay. The way that funding works does not make it simple to do these calculations. Every centre needs to make sure that the 2.3% increase is spent on pay and the 1.6% may be spent on pay but can also cover inflation and other costs.  Should it so decide, the Ministry of Education can enforce that centres spend money intended for pay on pay. Are you passing on at least 2.3% (or 3.9%) to your staff?  You can test this out quickly and easily - go to help here


2. New ECE employment templates:  


3. Internal evaluation and how your service can get a good ERO review - get valuable insight and knowledge about this here.


Teachers, researchers, students, and people who hold an individual professional membership

Here are three things that may interest you this week.

1. Indoor science activity plant growing activities. And when the science projects are done, these can also make suitable living presents for children to give to their friends and family members.  Tap or click on this how-to article to see the ideas.  


2. Have you got a study project/ inquiry coming up?  Are you looking for a topic?  We've got a comprehensive collection of articles, research, news, opinion pieces, on male teachers and the topic of the inclusion of men in ECE. First go to the main "Men in ECE" page for an overview, and to be directed to various information and resources.


3. Do you know how to tell if a child has attachment problems? A strong attachment with an adult is as essential to a child as air, food and water.  Healthy child development is unlikely without it. The Ministry of Health reports that mental health and behavioural problems are rising across all socio-economic groups.  How you can make a difference - Read more


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