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Early Childhood Alert, 9 July 2020

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1.  The latest centre in a childcare chain to be closed by the ministry

Parents say they were left in the dark regarding compliance failures and did not know that the centre had been put on notice by the Ministry of Education. Closure came as a surprise.

What has happened?  Find out more on this breaking news story for our sector here  


2.  A possibility that the "Person Responsible' can't be legally counted in ratios

According to Regulation 44(1) "the adults providing education and care . . . are supervised by a person responsible." As a person cannot supervise themselves, members of Parliament’s Regulations Review Committee felt that, therefore, the person responsible could not be counted as being within ratios to meet the minimum number of adults "providing education and care" required by Schedule 2.

The parliamentary committee has now heard from Ministry of Education officials after they were sent away from the 3rd June session to do their homework.

An update for you to read is now available here.

We must hope that the current confusion is clarified rapidly. 


3. Home-based ECE need for increased support and funding

Dave Best, Director of Edubase Limited has posted an Open Letter on Home-based Funding.  Check and add your comment.


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Nappies - there are different options. So what are the factors you need to weigh up in deciding on your service's nappy policy? What is best practice? 


Sick children attending?  What to do. Ways to both meet legal requirements and win parent support to keep sick children home 


Transition to School programmes and what ECE people can do to support children starting school 


Tikanga in practice - Te Whāriki states that “Kaiako enhance the sense of identity, belonging and wellbeing of mokopuna by actively promoting te reo and tikanga Māori”.  So, here's really helpful insight provided by Wendy Rameka for everyone who works in ECE on how to build cultural competency and put into practice tikanaga Māori in an authentic and meaningful way


Especially for our ECE service members

Test out what impact pay raises will have on your service using a specially prepared handy spreadsheet. There's also a sanity check - to show possible affordability for your service of a commitment to an annual pay increase. You can this access it here.


What can ECE services, visiting officials, and teacher education providers do to safeguard children from abuse in an ECE service?


Advertising for staff successfully without spending a lot  


TLC for Managers and Service Leaders. There seems to be the perception and expectation that managers and leaders should be able to face difficulty in their role and “take it on the chin” so-to-speak. But its hard!  Here's some tips on how to not only survive but thrive, and also a look at the responsibilities that others have to support the service manager and leaders.


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