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Early Childhood Alert, 23 July 2020

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1. Problem with salary attestation could see ECE centres being asked to pay back huge amounts of money
Get the details for correct salary attestation here


2. Is the Government actively devaluing ECE qualifications? 
"You will all know some primary qualified teachers who are brilliant working with young children. You will also know some unqualified kaiako who are brilliant working with young children, but you wouldn’t use that as an argument to get rid of ECE teaching qualifications."   Learn what's happened recently and read and respond to this thought piece by David Haynes


3.  The Latest on Pay Parity

(a) Expert testimony provided to Parliament's Education and Workforce Committee
"At present the sector is at the lowest point that I have ever seen it at. A large part of this is due to how the ECE workforce is treated.  The sector has lost many skilled teachers due to low pay and it cannot afford to lose any more. Including all ECE teachers in pay parity would finally complete the process started three decades ago of bringing early childcare into the education system. A strong directive from the House of Representatives needs to be given to the Ministry of Education to act swiftly to end wage discrimination against ECE teachers. In this letter I present an overview of the present situation and I look at how this situation came about. This is followed by discussions of the government’s role in setting ECE teacher pay, the cost of pay parity, strategies to get around providing pay parity, and whether Government can trust providers to use funding to give their teachers pay parity. The letter concludes with quotes from people who signed the petition and from publicly funded providers representing community and privately-owned services."   
See Dr Sarah's full letter online here.  If you would like a pdf copy of the letter to use, or to provide to student teachers and colleagues email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a copy, 

(b) Presentation of Petition
Teacher James Lochead-MacMillan who started the petition which gained more than 15,000 signatures, spoke to the committee yesterday.  Video of this is available here. Let's hope committee members listened and their report will come out before the election. 

(c) Access for ECE Services to the Higher Kindergarten Funding Rate
Services that undertake to pay their qualified teachers at the same levels as kindergarten and school teachers must not have their access to the higher kindergarten funding rate restricted. We are meeting with the Ministry of Education next week to discuss their progress in enabling services to be paid at the higher kindergarten funding rate that includes the salary component for pay parity. 
If you would like to see the list of the names of services that support funded pay parity for their teaching staff, go to an article here  (the list is at the end of the article).   


All members

If you've got a job to offer, if you are looking for work, or if you are selling or looking to buy an ECE service - post your free advert here


Indoor plant growing/ science activities for children in ECE


Children in ECE with diabetes - What does it mean for a young child to have diabetes? How can you support the diabetic child and family?


Folders for teacher certification and mentoring 

  • Why and what is involved?
  • How to set up a folder and what about integrating this with an online system for appraisal processes?
  • What sort of goals should you choose?
  • What should be put into a folder?
  • Who should be the mentor?
  • Some helpful resources


For our ECE service members

Building quality


Management and governance - understanding the difference and what tasks are included in governance


When a child leaves - exit or withdrawal form for parents  


Too busy to keep up?

If you missed the last newsletter you can still find it by clicking here to view it online.  Contents included:  

  • Person responsible cannot be counted in ratios, or can they?
  • Home-based ECE need for increased support and funding - a letter from Dave Best of Edubase
  • Latest ECE services to have licences cancelled and be closed by the Ministry of Education
  • Nappy policy, disposables v cloth
  • Sick children attending, legal obligations and how to respond to parents
  • Introducing a transition to school programme to your service
  • Tips for teachers and service providers on how to build cultural competency and put into practice tikanaga Māori in an authentic and meaningful way
  • The roles of different officials and people to safeguard children from abuse in ECE
  • Advertising for staff successfully without spending a lot of money
  • Every service manager and leader deserves and needs some TLC - how to look after yourself in your busy and demanding role


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