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Early Childhood Alert, 4 August 2020


1. Names of services in 2020 that have been put on notice to improve and have had their licence cancelled
My ECE makes this information available for parents, go to


2. Funding rate tables
The latest point-of-view to be posted in our current issues column argues that there should be just one funding table for ‘all day teacher-led centre-based services' and not a separate 'kindergarten' funding rate table in the Funding Handbook. Why?  Because "it is highly desirable that the single table contain the higher rates of funding so that all centres can qualify for those higher rates, thus enabling ‘equity for all’.  Read what David Haynes says and add your comment 


3. Hourly, not yearly salary, pay rate for funding attestation
Attestation is expected to be met against an hourly rate threshold of $23.97 minimum an hour. Teacher-led centres will get it wrong if they pay a salary of $49,862 and do not pay their teachers for any additional hours they work above 40 in a week. The sooner the Ministry of Education starts specifying attestation rates as an hourly wage amount and not as a salary figure the better.  Tap here to read more and get a better understanding of employer obligations


4. Job adverts
If you've got a job to offer or if you are looking for work - post your free advert here

Qualified ECE teacher wanted
Hopscotch Preschool in Otorohanga "offer high quality teaching conditions in a supportive environment, where the children are the heart of our work. Respectful practice, initiative, and excellent communication skills, along with the ability to form responsive relationships with all akonga, will be key strengths of the successful applicant. He/she will also be proficient in programme planning, assessment and self-review."  Find out more 



Research - Make use of our huge online research library (go to it by clicking here).  Here's a sample of just some of the articles:

  • Screens or no screens: Understanding young children’s use of digital technologies by Maya Robinson-Kennedy
  • Nurturing the learning and development of children who are refugees by Phillipa Harris
  • Supporting parents to use schema theory to understand and manage challenging behaviour in the home by Samuel Proctor and Carla Solvason
  • Prioritising the development of spirituality in early childhood education and care by Nicole Megan Lees
  • Researching pedagogies for sustainability in Australian bush kinder: A reflective analysis on a framework and methodologies by Fran Hughes.
  • Factors influencing the use of digital technology in early childhood education by Robyn Anderson and Hwee Leng Toh-Heng
  • Embedding parents’ perspectives in the discourse for quality education and care in the early years by Emma Bailey and Carla Solvason
  • Affordability of quality early childhood education and care by Thomas Seagrave
  • Early childhood educators’ workplace well-being: A case for using self-determination theory to understand and support workplace well-being in early childhood services by Catherine Jones, Fay Hadley, Manjula Waniganayake and Melissa Johnstone


What teachers see as best to wear and reasons why
There's great advice on all sorts of things ranging from tattoos to shoes, and what will please children to see you wear


Children attending more than one ECE service 
Should this be supported?  People's experiences and a look at the pluses and minuses


Could a child have an actual behavioural disorder 
How can you best respond?   



Buy, sell, or give resources, or put your ECE service on the market - advertise for free in our forum


Noise control and hearing protection for staff and children
What you need to know and your service's legal responsibilities


Undertaking risk assessment of your service's playground and fall heights
And, why we don't ban tree climbing


Policy development guidance on the issue of keeping children safe and secure
Preventing a child from slipping through the gate, climbing the fence and running off, or other things that may happen such as going home with the wrong person


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