Early Childhood Alert, Feb 2021


New rules for Food, Eating, and Supervision

Remember that it is not a legal requirement to follow or to meet the Ministry of Education's online guidance.  The "Guidance" is optional.  But every ECE service must meet the licensing criteria and regulations so it's important to know what these are and be familiar with recent changes. 

Go to our page on legal requirements for food and drink to find out more.


Professional Growth Cycle - What you need to know

The Professional Growth Cycle is now the new requirement for teachers. (The Teaching Council placed a moratorium on collecting evidence for performance appraisal from July 2020 to 31 January 2021.)  

  • What does the PGC mean for ECE services? And what should ECE service managers/ leaders do?
  • Does this mean that teachers will no longer by accountable for their own practice?
  • How is the PGC different from performance appraisal as we know it?
  • Will the endorsement process for professional leaders remain the same?
  • If I have any questions who should I contact and where can I get more information?

 You can quickly update your knowledge on this by going to a new article "Professional Growth Cycle".


Teacher Pay latest update

Many employers have already accepted that the claim for equal pay is arguable, and that number is growing.

Unfortunately, a minority of employers are placing pressure on their staff to withdraw their claims - it's illegal for employers to do this and they can be reported.  

Read an update on individual claims under the Equal Pay Amendment Act and find out more about what is happening:  Pay Claims Update


Waitangi Day

Reflecting NZ's bicultural early childhood curriculum, Waitangi Day is an important day to discuss and mark with children. It is a day for reflection and acknowledgement of Aotearoa / New Zealand’s unity between cultures, looking at cultural identity, keeping promises, appreciating diversity, and showing respect for each other.

How can teaching about Waitangi Day be included in your curriculum?  Go to the following article for great ideas to use:  Waitangi Day


Chinese New Year


Many Chinese children, families and people with Chinese ancestry live in New Zealand. The Chinese New Year is a major celebration to include in the early childhood curriculum and mark in our ECE services for all children and adults.

It is time to welcome in the Year of the Ox. There are many fun ways to incorporate the festivities and provide excellent learning and teaching opportunities for all children and adults. 

Go to more information and ideas for teaching staff on ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in ECE services:  Chinese New Year

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